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Gov’t advisors turn homes to office

By Manas James

Advisors in the Jonglei State government, who have been evicted from offices since May 30, instead turned their houses for discharging duties.

The advisors include Simon Manyok Deng, for human rights Affairs, Sam Simon Mayen ofor economic affairs, and Ding Akol Ding for Legal affairs.

Others are Mr. John Pidor Chol Bol, Child, Gender, and Social Welfare as well as Gen. Peter Bol Kong, Peace and Security advisors.

However, Simon Manyok Deng, the advisor for human rights Affairs said on directives from the state governor they were asked to vacate to create ‘space’ for the state secretary-general.

He added that they had been operating from an office within the Secretariat-General since their appointment in 2021.

The Secretariat houses the offices of the governor, his deputy, the secretary general, advisors, and then the cabinet affairs minister,” he explained.

“We were asked to temporarily remain indoors until a new office is found for us.”

The state official said he has since been operating from his house, under a difficult experience.

“Government work is run on a daily basis, so this will affect our efforts to deliver on governmental affairs, either planned or emergency ones” he noted.

He appeals for a solution to be found sooner, saying government works in an interdependent and coordinated way.

“Even if one has a private office in their house, it can’t be used to run the official affairs of the government,” the advisor lamented.

When contacted for comment, Elizabeth Nyadak, the state government spokesperson, said she could not comment on the matter.

Mr. Ter Manyang, the chairperson of the Civil Society Coalition on Defense of Civic Space and executive director of the Centre for Peace and Advocacy, views the situation as addition to old one.

“The new development in Jonglei State only adds to the already precarious situation there and that it could deepen mistrust among government officials” he noted.

“Advisors are advising the whole state government in Jonglei if they are not to have offices; one may ask why they were appointed in the first place,” he said.

Manyang stressed that the advisors will not be able to do their work because they will feel neglected.

“This is all due to mistrust and a lack of collaboration with the state government,” the activist added.


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