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Every citizen has the right to clean the environment and sanitation in South Sudan.

Today, the way cities are charging poor citizens garbage fees is more than ever despite the economic situation where everything is hard in the country.

Not only that but closing their businesses until they pay the amount of money required, yet you can’t see any vehicles collecting garbage in the streets of Juba if is there maybe once a month.

The city council should be exemplary to its own citizens before levying high taxes on the people by clearing and collecting rubbish at least two or more times a week. Keeping Juba clean will help citizens understand how their money is being used and not add stress on citizens while engaging man-made economic situations in the country.

At least, be like the UN peacekeepers who one time cleaned up the streets of Juba, yet South Sudanese citizens were watching, these days, if you look at some streets around Custom, Munuki, including the ones not mentioned, you really wonder whether there is City Council in Juba.

How much City Council is trying to clean up the city?  A citizen should know that littering is not good and makes the city dirty.

Last year, the mayor enforced orders about the disposal around the city. It is a good idea which is good, but up to now, the city remained the same.
The policy is good, but Mayor did not set a campaign for one or two months to announce to the people what was going to happen, and it was good to let people understand properly through media houses so that the laws work. but when you just wake up in the morning with such laws, it can’t work.

The City Council is supposed to have enough garbage bins in the city, including the residential areas along the highways, but nothing despite the daily collection from companies and markets. How do you expect the citizens not to litter? Should people be carrying garbage very long distances looking for bins?

The few bins which are around are still filled up with garbage that are not even collected in time by the City Council team, garbage vehicles are seen once a month, and not even one vehicle is seen in the residential areas.

Up to now, citizens didn’t know who was collecting garbage in the country, only saw tax collectors every day in uniform, different types of people, sometimes causing national business to go off.

These charges are not bad if there are daily garbage vehicles passing around the city. If not, then that one becomes robbery.
the mayor should improve the cleaning of the country by bringing in more garbage bins, at least 100a for the whole city.

Without this, do not demand much from the poor citizens for delivery and Juba will remain dirty yet collections of money daily in the shops along the roads, markets companies, and many others.

I appeal to the mayor of this country to use the money for developing the country than pressing citizens all the time.

God Bless South Sudan.
Be right there.

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