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University makes farming part of the curriculum

By Manas James

Administration of Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology in Jonglei state has embarked on a large-scale agricultural project as part of the institution’s academic program.

In an interview, Prof. Abraham Matoc Dhal, the University’s Vice-Chancellor, told No. 1 Citizen Daily newspaper that the program will make the institution and its students productive.

“As a University of Science and Technology, we thought just training and doing research is not enough, we have to train, do research, and create jobs and services,” he stressed.

He said creation of jobs and services is geared towards poverty eradication.

The university official also pointed out that the program will offer economic prosperity to the local community.

“Involvement in agriculture through our center in Awerial given by the local community will make us enter the market to sustain the college itself and the university as a whole,” he said.

According to the vice Chancellor, cash crops like Irish potato, onions, maize, sorghum, sesame, and groundnuts were identified as the institute has 2500 feddans of land for cultivation.

He noted that engaging on the agricultural project will not only enhance training skills of the students, but it also empowers the institute economically.

Meanwhile, Philip Mawut Garang, Awerial County Commissioner anticipates that the university’s agricultural project will be fruitful to the community.

A student at the university identified as Agol Samuel, lauded the move by the institute to introduce practical aspect of agriculture into their learning curriculum.

“The initiative by the university is good. It will be a source of practice for students and help provide research opportunities,” he stressed.

He added that the project will also create job opportunities for both students and the local community.

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