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Homosexuality and Transgender Relationship Is Abnormal and Unbiblical

By Joseph Akim Gordon

The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender relationship is abnormal and unbiblical. God created humanity in his own image and likeness and created Adam and Eve, male and female, to multiply and fill the world. There is no mention of homosexuality or transgender people in the Bible. The Europeans brought Christianity to Africa, which is very much rooted in African culture, and now the same Europeans are trying to alter the Bible to suit their human interest and lust for abnormal sexual relationships. It seems even the animal kingdom is much more civilized; we have not seen animals practice homosexuality, but now human beings are practicing it. It is a disgrace to humanity to practice homosexuality. If a human being is born with both male and female organs in the same person, that is, a person has a male organ and a female organ, an individual will select the dominant character of male or female.

In this case, the female has dominant characters, so the individual can refer to herself as a female. In the same situation, if there is a very small opening of the female organ and a large male organ, then the individual can be referred to as a male because of the dominant characteristics of males. Medical operations can help remove the abnormal sexual part.

Our traditional culture does not accept homosexuality, bisexuality, or any other sexual appearance, and world religions do not accept these new sexual preferences. Most of our African traditions do not train a man to be married to a woman, a woman to be married to another woman, a woman to change to become a man or a man to change to become a woman. This is an insult to the creator; God did not make a mistake for you to be born as a woman or a man. The Western world has taken up this responsibility to enforce homosexuality and transgender rights, and those countries that oppose sexual abnormalities are punished. The development support stopped on the condition that if you accept this abnormality, economic assistance will continue to flow to these countries because Label’s poverty has closed its eyes and punitive measures against the wrongdoers have relaxed. The Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni, is very brave; he passed laws that will penalize the sexual minority despite the threat from the Western world. He expressed the will of the majority of Ugandans, who condemned homosexuality. The Anglican church in Britain closed its eyes, and now the church is a blessing or can conduct matrimonial marriages in the church for homosexuality. I am happy that ECS in South Sudan rejected this marriage because it is unbiblical. It is good that the churches have rejected this new development because it is against church teaching and Our African tradition. But the ECS must be vigilant because the England church might plant seeds of division among the clergy within the ECS so that the church will join the Anglican church in accepting homosexuality as normal human behavior.

The truth of the matter is that a man who has accepted to become a woman will allow another man to use the man’s anus for sex. The original function of the anus was for defecation or getting rid of unwanted material from the stomach, but now it is for sexual intercourse. And for a woman who is now doing the function of a man, the artificial penis will penetrate the woman’s vagina.

Let us look out for the current economic difficulties that can make an individual make the wrong decision, particularly young people who are desperate and can be induced into homosexuality. If we are not vigilant because of the level of poverty, young men and women can be forced to involve themselves in homosexuality, which can spread like wildfire. For this reason, let us look out for the fact that foreigners and tourists can poison young people into engaging in illegal sexual practices. In many countries where homosexuality is illegal and sexual practices are prohibited, offenders are imprisoned, rejected by family members, or even imprisoned, and because of the shame of the community’s rejection, in many cases, they commit suicide.



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