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It is always the darkest before the dawn

Looking at the situation of South Sudan and Africa at large, the suffering of the people, pain, killings, hunger and abject poverty, one can never believe that anything good will ever come out of this crisis-ridden continent. And someone like me who is pressed down by the challenges of life can somehow line behind and support those who never in the future of this continent.

But at some points even when I’m in too much agony, I can be taken back to the belief that God has something big in store for this country and it is our responsibility as humans to remain strong and to start looking for it even in the face of adversity.

By this, I’m simply meaning that every good thing does not come on a silver platter. It can even cost one his own life and who can deny it and who is not facing a challenge in this world and who can ever testify that he has never experienced any single challenge in this in life? I think not and if these people truly exist, they do not exist in this world but somewhere beyond the mother earth.

Everything that bears the name of humanity must be hardened and it is only through difficulties that we encounter on a daily basis. We must have something to make us sob, something to give us headache and chase us to the house of God and something that bends our knees in prayer for a solution because without these hustles and bustles, push and pull, there is no reason to live and absolutely nothing that matters.

It is part of life to expect misfortunes and pain in this life as a way to achieve one’s goal.  The problems in this regard are the ladders that we can use to get there. They are already here and they most times come in multiple ways that we can’t even understand. Sometimes we may go to bed with a lot of problems to solve in the morning but before you wake up in the morning, you find many problems hanging in front of you, and you wonder what is going on.

This could be the sickness of your spouse, or child, loss of job, financial constraints, lack of school fees, or anything that blocks your way. Your mind may seem like it is bursting, and you begin to talk while walking as if you are mad and people will virtually put you in the shoe of a mad person not knowing that you are going through a lot of pain. The God you worship will begin to lose its place in your mind and suicidal thoughts and all sorts of negativities will occupy its place.

The thought that God hated you and that is why nothing is working out in your life is nothing, but fear and you must rid it off your mind before it cost you everything including your own life. God did not hate anybody, and he will never do that. We are his most-valued products, and his heart gladdens when he sees us trying in spite of what is going on in our lives.

He doesn’t also enjoy the pain we go through or whatever, he only wants us to know our current position and how we can improve it if it is not the kind of life, we want for the better one. So, when problems surround you and write you off, don’t stay down there. You have to get up and be educated that human beings, not you alone are facing similar or worse problems and you need to also learn that we as human beings need a fair share of problems, and this requires us to face every problem head-on.

It is simple and there is no corruption or some sort of favoritism in this case. God gives you problems knowing that you will turn them into opportunities and when you can’t, he also gives you another chance with lots of problems that will only get you down on your knees.
You will even ask yourself, “God is this life really for me?” And a big yes will deafen you, immediately you will run back for more prayers and things remain the same. This simply means that you have to accept life the way it is and celebrate every little victory and problems you encounter all together.

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