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To me, half of life has no name, you don’t handle that part. Have you heard of someone who loses his or her life on the eve of their graduation ceremony? What about couples who got involved in an accident on their way back from their wedding ceremony?

Those are extremities of life, and they are not rare. You can also underestimate someone at some point and that person ends up leading you after 15 years. I don’t know how you understand the message in this.

It is crystal clear, some things are not real in life, and even smiles are fake. This is why I don’t trust people easily, your friend or even a spouse can stab you to death in the middle of the night. You should be careful with people who always smile with you.

Some people are not what you think they are. You can fake friendships or even relationships. If I don’t see you in my life ten years later, if we live long enough, I will not call you a friend. You cannot fake hate and poverty.

If someone says they are poor or that they hate you, those people are honest. You need to respect those people because they mean what they are talking about. Another thing you cannot fake is darkness when it is dark. It is what it is and nothing else.

People can fake love and even greet you, when someone greets you in the morning, you have to be careful because some of those things are not real. Life is full of colors, and it is important to know which color is real or fake. I have learned this in my younger life and that is why I don’t use some words.

I cannot say I love you when I will not keep that word. The only person who will never fake love is your mother. Sometimes, your husband or wife never means those sweet words.

One day, if I make it and marry a wife, I will prove her as a part of me after going through the fire together. If someone is able to stand with you in your darkest moments without ever thinking of giving up, don’t let go of them because that is your soul mate forever.

You don’t control 50 percent of life. I am sorry for this. You can plan to attend a funeral and you get an accident on the way.  You call that ambiguity or whatever, life has to be unfair to be fair.

You think it was an accident when you lose a job interview? Of course, corruption must apply, as far as our current situation is concerned. But the truth is, for you to win, someone must lose or the opposite.

You don’t understand, not the fastest that always wins the race. What about a history written by the losers? You have to keep an eye on those young people who used to be last in class in your college days.

To be honest with myself, school and life are two different institutions. You can win in class and lose in life or both. This depends on how you apply the basic principles of life. Sometimes there are rules that you must break for you to break through.

Some motivational speakers’ say you have to take a risk, what they don’t know is that risk means something different. To others, it is stealing. To some others, it is starting a business. It could also be standing up for the rights of the voiceless. In most cases, some other things are not risks.

You cannot oversleep and expect to wake up healthy. That is a lie, life is suffering. Don’t call someone corrupt or evil before you know where they get their money. That is judgment coated with jealousy.

As a struggling young man, I don’t throw tantrums without first thinking. It is part of human nature, people tend to despise what they don’t have and when they get it, they will do even worse. I have always warned my friends to be careful with how they treat others.

If you were to be in someone’s shoes for a day or two, you will respect them until they are no more. Don’t confuse white with gray. People don’t always mean what they say. The organizations that campaign for women’s empowerment are the organizations that abuse their female staff in exchange for jobs.

You will not understand life and people and you will never be satisfied with what you have until you are dead. Do you know 30 minutes; it is not always the way it appears to be. It is 13 minutes to somebody who is always busy.

The message here is that we should not take things at face value. Your problem is someone’s solution. When you get sick, you help a doctor solve his financial woes. When you commit a crime, you get some policemen assigned.

You have to also be mindful of those who cry during the burial ceremony because there are those who cry for the irreplaceable soul that has perished and those who triumphantly shed tears of joy because that person was a blockage to them.

At some points, we pay less attention to certain things that are so important to us. The things that are always sweet in your mouth could be dangerous to your health and take your life anytime.

No matter how rich or bright you are, one day, some dirty people will dig your grave and they will get paid for that.

The message in this is humility and it is a must. Everyone you meet is important, even those who will cry for you. I was told that there was a big man who died and he was hated by the relatives, so to keep the tempo mournful, some people were hired to cry that day. Those were not real tears; they were crocodile tears.

If you don’t change even if it is still early, this is what will happen to you. It costs no penny to be humble. This is the only sure way to a successful life without regret, if you know that you will not be here forever, why should you step on others.


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