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All pedestrians in Juba of South Sudan have to rethink!

By Joseph Ring Lang

The woes of the pedestrians in Juba emanate from the flaws in the implementation of traffic laws and regulations.

The Laws and Regulations require motorists to move on the right side of the roads – which means the steering wheels should be on the left side of the vehicle/cars. It is visibly clear that the majority of the vehicles in South Sudan have their steering wheels on the right sides which are manufactured for the left-hand drive.

That traffic confusion motivates motorists to move freely to any angle of their choice.

If you happen to be a pedestrian in Juba, you must be 100% alert if you are intending to reach home safely.

It simply means, if you are walking on the roadside (off asphalted lanes including dusty lanes) a moving vehicle (car or motorcycle) can move towards you from any of the 4 angles: North; South; East; or West at a very high speed – an activity which should only be for the highways.

Worst still when the motorists see a pedestrian crossing, they increase speed instead of the other way round – of decreasing speed. It is scary to be a pedestrian in Juba.

In brief, it is a town that should be left only to the motorists and their motorcyclists.

The only available option for the Pedestrians in Juba town is to think again whether Juba town is their ideal home worth living in. End

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