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By Agoku Christine Taban (Guest Writer)

Peace is the primary gear for societal developmental dimensions in every society and every citizen is striving for it in the country, whether in the rural or urban areas.

The current economic situation has put a heavy burden on every person, communities have been left without a choice but rather to push with whatever they have. Other conditions have been imposed on the communities by the insecurity triggered by the rampant presence of guns, which is deterring the safe access of rural areas best for farming activities, farmers and cattle herders’ attacks, and many others.

As the country is pushing keenly for the lift of the arms embargo, the stakeholders should stretch their hands further to disarm the illegal guns in the hands of the citizens, which are wrongly used.

Meanwhile, many citizens of this country are questioning how possible it is that the displaced persons are able to take guns to the Protection of Civilians, yet they are checked in and out. the UN should double its efforts to ensure that no gun enters the protection of Civilians (POC). People should feel that they have very strategic mechanisms for the control of guns in such places.

Disarmament should be strategized properly and with the joint collaboration of many stakeholders so that uncontrolled weapons can be collected and brought in store for very vital use in the country; otherwise, failing to control something internally has a negative impact on human lives and creates an insecure environment for human survival. It is demoralizing and worrying to the majority.

People need peace and a secure environment; ordinary citizens need their safety but not an unfriendly environment. Stakeholders should put in more effort to finalize the implementation of the peace roadmap, which at last will provide easy ways for peaceful and better improvement in various aspects.

According to the media outlet No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, the South Sudan government, based on a recent resolution from the cabinet, is supposed to conclude all necessary preparations for the deployment of phase one and graduation of phase two of the unified forces, but it has not materialized. Therefore, citizens are urging the stakeholders responsible for the speedy implementation of the peace roadmap not to give excuses for the arms embargo extension. If the illegal guns roaming in the hands of people in this country cannot be collected, graduate and deploy them with sticks.

South Sudan is a peace-loving country.


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