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UNDP provides ICT equipment to advance research

By Gladys Fred Kole

United Nations Development Programme has donated new ICT equipment to the University of Juba, School of Economics and the National Bureau of Statistics to enhance their statistical activities.

National Bureau of Statistics received 13 desktops, 20 laptops, and 1 projector, while the University of Juba was given 20 brand-new desktops.

UNDP partnered with the two public institutions with the aim of improving the collection, analysis, and dissemination of statistical data to influence national policy.

Speaking at the handover event yesterday, Blessed Chirimuta, the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative for Operations, said the two institutions played a critical role in the development of a country.

The National Bureau of Statistics is mandated to produce accurate, up-to-date statistical data, while the University is actually the producer of knowledge based on data.” Blessed said.

He also explained that it is very important, as data is what influences decisions in the policies of a nation. In our context here in South Sudan, data availability has been challenging.

Meanwhile, the chairperson of the NBS, Isaiah Chol Aruai, stated that the bureau, as a government institution, relies heavily on UNDP for all of its office operations, including stationary, computers, and training.

He said previously they had received a first ICT package of 33 computers and equipment from UNDP, adding that this is not the first time.

“This makes our work easy because at the bureau one cannot work without the computing facilities; everybody has to be on the computer. Our staff is large, and we expect every person to be on the computer because we are working on regional and international statistics.”

“We have ten state offices where some of this equipment will end up as they are the headquarters, which provides great support in data collection in the regions,” Isaiah noted.

“We hope with this kind of partnership we will be able to do our work actively because with this equipment we shall be able to deliver our mandate,” he added.

The University of Juba, School of Social Economics deputy dean, Julia Jadalla Jube, reiterated that the research that they produce in the university is the one that is helping them outside to take policies and bring change.

“Since UNDP is more into development, I think this initiative is going to help us not just for the department of economics, but it’s also going to help the entire student body benefit from doing their research and updating themselves”. Julia hinted.

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