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Value life than property

By Tong Akok Anei Mawien

In this modern world where possession of a property has become the fight of the day, whether, by individuals, governments, or organized institutions, many of our daily engagements are deeply rooted in owning something, but initially, when God created man and placed him on earth, he did not specify the land usage or else the general ownership of a particular earthly property, but the man’s (human being’s) intelligence and the multiplication have increased the thirst for owning property, be it land, materials, or many other things to support life.

If the property is important, human life is more important than that property. One person’s life is not equated with a trillion or thousand pieces of land if it is not of a good course; all these properties are to support human lives, and the way you feel the sweetness of your life is the way another feels his or her life too. Our intelligence as human beings to put together what we call administrative institutions that will organize and assemble particular humans in a particular geographical area is of great help when used correctly and disastrous when handled badly. Poor approach backup by mismanaged or disorienting force leads to death frequently in our society. Why would we feel insecure daily on our own streets in the event of an unfortunate event? Why would we fear passing a person who is entrusted to protect us? Why just a passerby would succumb to death in the recent death of a potential young South Sudanese on rampant shouting is so disheartening. Let the law have the space to be the one handling it; let our forces know that people on the street are innocent; don’t think of pointing your aim at your enemy amid innocent people on the street.

When John Garang was saying “Land Belongs to the community” it was not and an extra thing that we the community should sideline the government, the government should act as the facilitator and policy formulator on the general distributions and the ownership of the land, the government has the sole duty to enforce law governing land that favour nobody, be it minister, director, General or whoever, now a lot of land disputes that lead to death are either approached poorly or the force is used unlawfully to create the opportunity, let as separate the law with force, the law itself has its own force- let the law be the one enforcing force in such a matter and let the law interrelationships between institutions be defined well so that law enforcement takes it effect lawfully to avoid unintended risk and effect.

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