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Independence tournament kicks off in Ezo County

By Victor Mangu

Western Equatoria State’s Ezo County commissioner, Abel Sudani has organized inter-Payam tournament to get people together and interact.

The event that started on 29th June 2023 is expected to end on 9th July 2023 during South Sudan’s independence anniversary.

According to Sudani, the tournament under the theme “get together” has brought Youths from six payams of the county to Ezo Freedom Square and the winning team will take a trophy.

Mr. Sudani said the tournament aimed to bring together all the youth across Ezo County to unite and interrelate with one another.

“We are not here to divide the youth but to unity them for better future of the people of Ezo County,” Sudani said.

The Commissioner reflects on the relative security of Ezo County, saying the people are going on with their normal duties.

He said the people of Ezo promote peace to pave ways for development of the county.

However, Sudani twisted the event politically and grabbed the opportunity of the gathering to amass support for the ruling party.

He urged the community of Ezo County to support the SPLM party under the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit and said people should not support anti-peace factors.

Commissioner Sudani called on the people to continue maintaining peace.

Meanwhile, Madam Anita, one of the organizers of the foot tournament said the initiative aimed to unite the youth and to promote peace among sons as well as daughters of greater EZO County.

Anita said that time has come to bring the youth together in unity and to support them whenever necessary.

“These are my people, and I cannot leave them like that. When there are funds, I can provide to my people in Ezo County” she remarked.

She urged the youths in the county to take education seriously, especially Girls to continue with their studies and avoid hurrying to get pregnant when they are still young.

She pledged to support any girl who wants to continue with studies, saying the county will not develop well without education.

Anita called on the people to celebrate 2023 independence anniversary peacefully adding that time has come for development, but not for to get divided among themselves.

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