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When there is nothing left

In this world, I have known people who despite what they have been through when they were certainly about my age still managed to beat all odds and became who they are today.

This however, no matter what I or you face on daily basis is the reason why we must believe that there is life right in front of us and we even if we are clearly that tall can still see it clear when we step out and face those daily challenges.

And to be honest with myself, I don’t mean that this is going to be easy. It will take you almost everything including your life to achieve those things that you want out of this life.

It is crystal clear that this life no matter how hard you try will still get you down on your knees and the first things that would be expected of you by the people and your God is to get up and try once more. I know down there, and am included, there are young people who feels like it is done for them. One might have tried different things to make sure that he or she succeeds but all in twinkle of an eye ended up in disappointment. This causes us to even wonder if anything would ever change or if the future would be real because there are many people who have waited patiently for the future to unfold but nothing changed. And in fact, things get even worse.

So, this kind of feeling about the future sometimes sends shocking waves especially when we try all that we could and everything ends in tears and however much we may try to comfort ourselves that perhaps in future, if God is fully in control, things may change for the better, the level of fear even increases. It can even begin to deny us the opportunity to live, and that is why there is suicide among young people who for one reason or the other believes that they are useless and that their lives would never change.

This belief and fear about the future has forced many elders to dig graves for their children who should have lived life to its fullest. Many young people due to what they went through and the kind of families they found themselves in, choose not to live in abject poverty, so they cut their lives short for the fear of living in constant pain, but they were wrong, and God will never give them rest for having chosen to take their lives in this pitiful manner. Life is good and despites its ups and downs, one must find purpose and joy in those moments of pain and suffering because there is nowhere in this world where these problems are not found.

Problems are there and always they will be but why should we feel disowned when we succumbed to problems? I know this may sound bizarre but am trying to speak out something in a strange way and hope you will understand that. It is okay everything is not working and nothing in this world will ever convince you that they will surely work out know what?

You are working out because the life that you have is a sign that something good or better than your current situation is understand and if there is anything you could do right now, it is to sit down and feel happy for how blessed you are. I don’t know what you think when you hear people mourning over the death or their loved. Or when you hear the sound of an ambulance.

It is a signal that someone has gone never to come back. This is so sad. Some people may leave this world at a very young age, others when they still need life more than anything, but you are still breathing and trying at the same. This life tells you that you even if everything is lost, even if you have nobody to run to for help or when you have completely nothing left, it would be right of you to believe that you have a future that you must really work for.

You may not understand this but if there are really people who are blessed by God, you are one of them and God wanted you to realize that you have a future that needs commitment and dedication because in the end, it would be you alone and nobody else.

This is to say that you must rid your mind off what the things you don’t have and work for the things you want to have in your life because complaint alone won’t take you anywhere, it would only make you age faster than you could have imagined, and you will find that you’re supporting yourself with a walking stick in your early 40s.

You just don’t need to punish yourself over the problems of this world because they will never finish and the more you solve many of them, the faster they come.


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