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There is nothing about us without us

Many of us continue to wallow in self-pity when they see others doing well in life and we begin to think that God did not arrange for us a place on this earth. We give the challenges of life as the barriers or even excuses for everything. Why should we think like that? There are some people and I pity them who just think God favors others and leave others to burn in the flames of poverty but in real sense, that is not and there will never come a time in this life when that would be truth.

If there are successful people in our community, let us cut off the thought that goddess of luck favored them. These are people just like you and me who have gone through what we are currently going through now. When life forces you to hate yourself, never wish to be somebody else because you are a true version of yourself. You have a place that nobody else could occupy.  Don’t be ashamed of yourself.  Don’t be ashamed of where you come from or what whatever kind of situation you are in.

God created and put you where you are for something bigger than your troubles. You will find that you are worthless today but tomorrow somebody will develop interest in you or else inspired by your life.  Nothing is useless if God has worked it on. It is your heart that will hold you back. It is fear that will deprive you off the privilege to achieve your future dreams and aspirations. It is wrong belief that you were a parental accident that will make you lose the life that God has designed for you but if you can find your spark and dig deep inside yourself. You will see the greater version of you that will take the whole world by surprise.

You may have been born alone without someone to call brother or sister. And it could also happen that you lost your parents, and you are left alone in world that only stares at you without answers. But this does not make you a failure. In fact, it can ignite the fire in you to make wonders in this life. When things seem to be in absolute mess, you should not let go of hope because they are actually falling in the right place. Don’t let the world lead you into believing that you are nobody. If you are nobody, why are you here?  Why didn’t God create somebody in lieu of you? Why did your parents conceive of you and gave birth to you instead of somebody else?

You are somebody who is just struggling to figure out.  Stop compromising your life for people who careless if you succeed or fail in the school of life. Do not let somebody tell you what to do or how to love yourself. You have to be willing to do what God called you here for and never think about what people say behind you.  Nobody will come somewhere and make thing the way you want them to be. It is you alone; you have the same two fingers, the same two hands, two eyes, the same body, the same brain and the same 24 hours that the next-door neighbor has.

What are going to do with that beautiful life? What are you going to give your world? What is that goal you want to achieve, and you are a little bit nervous how to start?  Remember, you hold the pen that writes your own life story. Are you going to write “am tired of this life” or “am willing to make it what I want”? The choice is yours. You need to write the best piece and inspire those coming behind you.

Make your life more beautiful; reclaim that place that God has given you. Write your own destiny.  When adversity hit or when failure punches you in the face, get back on course and remain in your feet.  You are phenomenal. You are a definition of success, and you are worthy of love and admiration.  God loves you and he is not going to leave you nor forsake you.  He has created two persons in you, and He wants you to find the missing one. The one that you cannot see but you can feel. The one you cannot touch but perceive. That missing person is the reason why you should work harder. It is quite unfortunate that, there are people who had left the world without seeing their true version. Some got killed in the process of discovering the inner man/ woman. Others blamed the government or other people for not giving them the chance to be whatever kind of people they wanted. And million others went completely without the knowledge of an inner man/woman.

Don’t blame anybody else because the more you dig within yourself, the more you will find you are your own enemy.  If I can ask why you go to school?  What makes your parents to save every money they could get for your school fees? Why do you wake up at the middle of the night when the world is still asleep to study your books?  It is because you want to see different results for your life. It is because your parents want to see a different version of you. And it is because you want to do something for your community. Never give up the fight. God did not create you for nothing or to increase the population.  You have the power to become whoever you wish to be and that is why am not afraid to tell you because if I do not. It means there is something I want to hide from you.  But I do not want to do that. I believe in people’s abilities- I believe that anything that has a mind to think, heart to believe and hands to work can do unimaginable things in his or own world.



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