Jonglei State

Police arrests over 80 gangsters

By Manas James

Police in Jonglei State have arrested more than 80 members of gang groups, popularly known as ‘Niggers’ in an ongoing crackdown in the state capital, Bor.

The state police commissioner, Maj. Gen. Elia Costa Faustino told No. 1 Citizen Newspaper that files of majority of those arrested have been forwarded to the court and others are already thrown behind the bar.

Gen. Costa revealed that the ongoing crackdown started months ago following a rise in gang violence in Bor town.

“There are eight gang groups operating in Bor like West Coast, Ganja Talent, and Black warriors,” he said.

These groups, he said, often fight among themselves, are involved in robbery, burglary and terrorizing the town.

Gen. Costa added that the police had to embark on patrols, day and night to crackdown on the groups.

“This resulted in the arrest of 80 niggers so far. We forwarded some of them to the court and they are now in jail,” he said.

The state police commissioner pointed out that the operations will continue until Bor is pacified, calling on the on the locals to in the fight.

“Combating crimes require collective responsibility, it is my appeal to the locals that they join us because fighting crimes require collective responsibility,” he stressed,

Gen. Costa said that the challenge the police facing is that some of these civilians are heavily armed than the forces, rendering government security sector ineffective in some cases.



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