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Let us Discourage Abortion as It is Equal to Murder

By: Joseph Akim Gordon

Abortion is the removal of fetus or killing of unborn baby in the mother’s womb through medical operation or taking a drug to remove unborn baby.

You accepted to have sexual relationship with man; the end result is that you will conceive. if you want sex for pleasure make sure that condom is used, or you take some contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.

As a girl or boy, why hurry to have relationship and you lose your virginity. When time comes you seriously want to have a baby, too late the gate is closed for you.

To those who have made several abortions, the sexual organs no longer function well. Even if you go to medical doctors to restore your damaged sexual organs. It is not possible to restore your reproductive potential.

To cite some examples a girl had a secret relationship with a boyfriend and it resulted to pregnancy. She did not want to disappoint her fiancé, so, the best option was for her to have a secret abortion such which should have been done through proper medical care to restore her reproduction potentials. But the whole thing was done in secrecy so that the fiancé and the relatives could not know what happened. So, the fiancé returns from his studies and hurriedly conducted marriage arrangement.

But after one year the woman was not able to conceive and lots of questions and speculations hovered on as to what happened to this young couple.  Yet all stemmed from the girl keeping the secret so that the fiancée will not know all that had happened. The issue of abortion was kept secret.

So, the young couple decided to seek medical examination and the doctor found that the husband’s status was normal because the sperm count was adequate and the wife was discovered to have damages as result of abortion without proper medical care. The girl’s inner sexual organs were damaged so she could no longer conceive. This was a bombshell to the husband and relatives. It completely changed the happy and loving relationship between the two.

In our society, many women particularly beautiful ones, prefer to enjoy life and to make money through prostitutions. They continue conducting several abortions, yet when they reach certain stage in their lives, they think to marry and have many children when they have lost the potential to conceive and produce.

In the first place, the reproductive organs are worn out. The end up spending a lot of money to restore their fertility but in vain, since the numerous abortions might have damaged their sexual organs beyond repair.

Abortion is murder, for those who have done it many times, that means, they have killed equal number. As far as religious doctrines and cultural or traditional values are concerned, abortion is great sin that must be avoided by all means.

Abortion has a lot of health complication. It can render a woman barren. it can encourage polygamous marriages , if a man failed to have  a child with first woman, and he is obliged to seek to marry more  to have many children.

The main objective of African marriage is to procreate as possible. A marriage without children is a failed one. The continuity of family linage is necessary.  If one pays a heavy dowry and has no child, it is a meaningless marriage.

For an African family, children are very important. Girls, when properly married, they bring wealth to the family.  The girls also act as ambassadors because they are married to members of any community, culture and tradition; they cultivate relationship between their paternal relative and that of the husband. Wherever they got marriage they cement relationship, wipe out any mistrust that existed.

For this reasons parents must be contented if gifted with a boy or a girl, all are important and should be honoured.

I must make emphasis that parents must advise their daughters to avoid abortion, because it is equal to murder.  The children murdered during abortions live as Engels in heaven.  Abortion could easily be done but its repercussions await those engaged in the practice.

If you are growing young girl or boy, do not be in hurry.

In many cases women are driven to sexual relationship because of lust for wealth. How do you offer yourself to an elderly person who is at the age of your father or grandfather; a sugar Daddy, in exchange for money?  Then, the mammies; there is no true love in such a relationship but materialism.

Take care young man and woman; we have lots of temptations in this world, so open your eyes widely to confront these uncertainties with a focused mind. You have a brighter future, only when you are prepared for it.

Aim higher, don’t be cheap!

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