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A problem-free life is nonexistence

The problems of this world are so many that we sometimes don’t appreciate the little we have not until it is gone completely. Majority of us were born in underprivileged families and the tussle to break the chains of poverty has always been one of the greatest challenging things to do in human history.  Sometimes in our lives, we will try all that we could within our capacity to prove life wrong and in so doing, problems come in multiple ways that we can’t understand and it is at this point in our lives that we often wonder if this was the life meant for us by God.

We have been taught by the bible and many religious men that God can never and will never create a useless person. And somehow, we were convinced that it is true because we have seen many people who made it from nothing to prominent figures. But sometimes, when we compare the life we are living and the life of those people, we come to realize that there is a very huge difference.

Maybe those people were born in the United States or Europe where there are a lot of opportunities where one can fall and still bounce back and achieve immeasurable success even if he/she was born in a disadvantaged parentage. We sometimes think like this and use our environment as an excuse for almost everything including our failure to work hard for ourselves. This is why most of us leave this world without any success in our lifetimes. We don’t know that this life is unfair to each and every human being, even those in most of developed countries like America or Europe. The first thing we must first understand is that the outside world is not friendly and one must try his or her best to make sure that they remain standing come rain or sunshine.

The battle of this world is not a one man’s fight, everyone is fighting a battle and when you see others winning when you are losing, don’t concede defeat because the fact that you are losing in most of your battles does not necessarily make you irredeemable loser, it just means you have not tried your very best and you must try once more if you are still alive. It may be like it is fiction when all your efforts end in disappointment without any tangible results but it is not. This is real and is the same hard life you know and nothing else.

Things don’t have to always stand right, there must come a time in one’s life when feeling like giving up is the only comfortable thing to do and these are the times when we feel like that. Nobody is excluded, it is for everyone and if you have not been tested. If your life has always been a series of successes after the other, if you haven’t succumbed to any problem since when you were young, then you are in trouble and I’m sorry to say that you are very unlucky because this just means that God doesn’t love you.

For every child of God, there must be something that must give them a headache, something that makes them cry, and a bunch of problems so that they discover their purpose in this life.  But if you are not solving any problem in your life, you are not fit to be in this world. Problems make us strong and instead of crying we should rather appreciate God for every single challenge we face on a daily basis. This is why we are called human beings.

There are people right now who have been trying for years to get a child. Some have written thousands of application letters with hopes of getting better jobs. Many others have been waiting for the right person that they could spend the rest of their lives together with but their waiting and hopes have always been in vain. Some of them were told to stop trying but they persisted and they are now blessed with what they have for years been looking for and many others are still trying.

This is why it is called life, every challenge is a test and we must be disciplined enough to win over it. Though it is sometimes hard to do this, we must accept that life is a challenge itself and one must always be on standby to fight every battle that comes his way. Though the storm is so ferocious that you can’t put one step after the other, just know that you are not in the boat alone. The same problem you are facing today, somebody like you is going through it and this is a clear indication that every challenge that we are facing today has been experienced by somebody who is successful today in life.

If there is something you are going and I know there must be something like that and you are almost giving up, I will not beg you to continue with the struggle because am not successful and I should have first practiced what I preach but if you will get me right, then I can tell to hang in there even doing so pains to one’s bone because nobody knows what tomorrow holds in store for us. You can wake up one very wonderful morning and find yourself successful after fruitless years of pain and failure.




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