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Over 200,000 in need of humanitarian aid

By Bida Elly David

Over 200,000 refugees and returnees have arrived in South Sudan since the raging violence in Sudan started, according to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management.

Out of the entire number of returnees registered, Minister Albino Akol Atak said that 80,000 of them have been reunited with their family.

He presented the statistical report to the cabinet during Friday’s regular Council of Ministers meeting.

Mr. Akol described the humanitarian situation of the refugees and returnees as terrible amid the increasing population.

He urged the cabinet to push the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning to immediately release the balance of the $10 million formerly approved to cater for the arrivals.

Mr. Akol underscored that a large number of returnees and refugees are still stranded at the border, needing assistance to reach their destination, but logistical issues have become a challenge.

“The rest are still hanging over there at the border, and I am requesting the government approve the payment of the funds that were approved earlier,” he said.

He also stated that a greater population in the camps across the country faces food shortages and a lack of medication, among others, and said that it may worsen if not subordinated.

Michael Makuei, the minister of information and government spokesperson said that the cabinet has taken note of those concerns and directed the newly appointed minister of finance to release the money.

“Albino Akol reported a greater number. Up to now, the number of South Sudanese who have come back to the South and the refugees is more than 200,000, after which they succeeded in transporting the 80,000,” Makuei said.

Recently, the council of ministers approved $10 million for the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management as a response package to the humanitarian crisis across the Country brought on by the Sudan war that began in mid-April 2023.

However, the national ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, despite the urgent demand, has yet to fully release the money.


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