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By Tong Akok Anei Mawien

Though it is too early to make an inference and conclusion on the capabilities of the new broom, it is not also bad to put in some few key takeaways during this starting time of the new broom, though it tiptoed to our thinking as, can the new broom sweep clean? Perhaps it is sharp and strong to sweep deep down under our beds and far in the dark corners. Our house needs a serious attention, to be reshaped and kept neatly; we have some terrible challenges that are shaking our house.

To personality invested in professionalism, uniqueness is how you stood out tall in your action, uniqueness is how you take lead in solving the problem of the people following you or the people you are serving, it is the sum of your greatness invested in delivery of success and achievements and hence your names are blessed and adore as you pass by, otherwise the opposite is true.

As we are in the wilderness of economic meltdown in which all of us are eying on the source fan on the stove in the kitchen with greediness look, if the cooked blinks an eye, three pieces of meat are out and the whole household holds the cooked accountable as to where the meat have gone to during cooking, therefore this needs strong dedication without fear or whatsoever.

Every opportunity is a challenge not a recognition/ honor; it is challenge, if handle well blessings and adorable can come your way and if mishandled a great curse come your way as well and therefore the ball is at the court of the person entrusted with the new challenge, the people out there will evaluate or project through approach, actions and the outcome in one’s given time.

Lastly, our challenges start with black-market as the ignition of everything, if it has no column in economic recovery policies, do we deserve to hold it dear; high prices in the market is the worse factor affecting every citizens in South Sudan simply because the equation of the income or wages with market are far apart leave about not being there for months, the timing of civil servants with their monthly wages have never been friendly commonly, and even though there are a lot of factors contributing to this economic shaking, they are your daily tusk to bring them to their knees but what the citizen want outside there is to experience outside there what you do in your office or experiencing it in the market or elsewhere.

The Author is a Master Student in Applied Statistics, University of Juba, he can be reach via tongakok7170@gmail.com/tongakok47@gmail.com



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