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Africa’s self-inflicted agony


The land of Africa is full of wealth and the resources we have could be more than enough to erect tall buildings, schools, roads and health centers but where this wealth goes still remains the hardest question of our day.

Some say the money is plundered by some key Africans and they used it to build themselves at the expense of the poor Africans while others continue to argue that the money is used to build military arsenals to cling to power or to kill the African people when one fails to meet his political aspirations.  This and someone once told me to sum up the reason why Africa’s future remains uncertain and why Africa will always remain a poor continent in the world amidst plenty.

We are beggars and I’m sorry for touching this sad truth and you would forgive me for that. We like begging from nations that when it comes to reality are not in one way or another better than us. Our begging palm never gets tired. We feel proud to beg when heaven knows that we are the people to be begged.

Sometimes I ask myself, what if the people we constantly beg change their minds and get rid of us, where will we go? Pardon me not all of us because as poor Africans, we survive on scraps that fall down from the tables of our leaders. Sometimes, nothing falls from their dining tables, and we are attacked in darkness by hunger where nobody can come to our rescue.

That is how we live here but the question still remains the same. What if these people we shamelessly beg continue to forge their fake generosity, where will the impoverished Africans get the money to repay billions and trillions of dollars borrowed for years by African leaders?

We don’t need drama this time. For how long we shall be stealing from Africa and leaving our beautiful Africa in pain always. Why do we rent the most beautiful homes outside and buy the most expensive cars when our homeland is lined up with graves and shattered houses? When you visit most of the African countries, a large number of people still go to bed at night with rumbling stomachs. The coffin business is still flourishing here.

Death occurs here on a daily basis and if there is anything that interrupts people in the early hours of the morning in Africa, it is the sound of ambulances. People are restless here and most of the young people have joined the grave digging business because there are no available jobs, some have business ideas but no money to execute them.

People are buried here every hour both young and old. Some died of stress, suicide also play its role, and many are slain by hunger and gun. The old digs grave for the young ones. This is heartbreaking. Africa is always sad and at a crossroads.

Our people are just poor when billions of dollars flow out of Africa to foreign banks. The people who don’t sweat for this money, people who don’t work and have no business acumen are the ones taking this money from poor Africans who struggle daily to survive. Money, which would have made Africa a better place, they stash it in foreign banks and invest this money in Europe or America in real estate so that when things get hard in Africa, they board fast flights to America or Europe when millions of Africans are suffering back home.

They don’t have compassion for their people. They just think all the Africans are okay wherever they are, or they even deserve the kind of life they are living. The young Africans who in some African countries were expected to put an end to this game have been raised on a poor belief that the only way to be rich in Africa is to be a government official.

And this clouds Africa’s future because 90 percent of young Africans want to become ministers and arm-chair politicians so that they become rich overnight since they have been taught that the status quo helps those in power to do all they want to better themselves and their families.

How can I blame these young Africans who should have been taught love and patriotism by those in power? They have been influenced negatively that one has to be rough and corrupt to become wealthy. Hatred and the spirit of laziness have been planted in their hearts.

They now do not know how to work hard and they have turned to hate Africa and its people too when they grow up tomorrow to become leaders, they will be the worst leaders of our time and they will continue to influence the following generations.

Do you think Africa will ever experience any kind of development or progress in any area of life? I think not because these young people will even sell the African continent and then they go outside and leave the poor Africans to be enslaved by potential buyers of Africa. Let us wait to see what will happen in the near future if we don’t fix our broken continent before it is too late.

Who knows Africa could be home to Chinese or Americans 100 years later if we continue to play with Africa and the lives of Africans. We can without doubt finish ourselves and Africa would be left empty so what will the rest of the world do? They will take advantage of our stupidity and take Africa from us.

This may sound unrealistic to you, but it is true. Chinese are growing rapidly, and their population is increasing meaning that they have little or no extended land for settlement and Africa could be the last resort. And who will chase them from an abandoned land? They will come here and make Africa a better place like China.

And don’t ask me when it will happen. It could be 100 or 200 years later, and we will never know that it has happened because we would be dead then. If you are an African and you are not worried about the future of Africa, you are not human enough. If you are an African and you are stealing what should have made Africa a better place, the gods of Africa will follow you to your grave. Africa has been completely neglected and she is looking for someone to love and comfort her.

The love for Africa is dead and it has long been buried. Our hearts and minds are outside Africa, the continent we have destroyed when it should have been the one and only breadbasket for the whole world.  Africa was solely made to feed the whole world and it was made to be a donor nation, not a recipient.

The medicinal herbs if properly used would have made Africa one of the greatest pharmaceutical continents in the whole world. The rich minerals and wildlife leave alone in fertile soil would not have only contributed to the economic stability of Africa but the world at large.

Food would not have been a problem due to the rich African soil. Africa was going to be complete, and life was going to be simple and meaningful.  But it is sad that we have lost that blessing and glory. We watch Africa dying before us and nobody seems to care about what is going on. And if each and every African was given a chance to choose where to live until they were dead, all the Africans would have gone to America or Europe and Africa was going to be left with only trees and animals.

If we are ever forgiven for this great mistake, then God the Father will forever be praised. We think that Africa is not a good place because it is a fertile ground for every disease. We also believe that Africa is not a good place because it is not properly developed but that is not what is on the minds of Chinese and Americans. To them, Africa is the best gift from God and if they were given this land, they would have made the best out of it and feed the rest of the countries with its resources. If Africa was for Americans or Chinese, it was going to be semi heaven and life would have been at its best here, but it is sad that God gave it to people who don’t have eyes to see and hearts to feel.

As I hold this pen now. Am sad and my heart is beating because someone’s shaft is pulling our gold and other valuables. Someone’s pipes are busy down sucking our oil and we are busy killing each other and also stealing the little that Africa has. It is sad that in days to come the generations to come will have nothing and not even a place to call their home.

Africa will be taken from them as a payment for the billions and trillions of dollars borrowed for years by Africans and they will be enslaved for the rest of their lives.




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