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By Agoku Christine Taban

Many in leadership fail to achieve their goals due to fear of labeling and life threats by crafty cartels. The sly architects use blackmailing and cheap popularity as a ploy to ensnare and scare those opposed to their ill objectives.

Many patriotic leaders conceive good developmental mechanisms to improve situations knowing that its sacrifice to save the majority. But removing bread from the mouth of a few shrewd, who have infected the foundation of a system, is always a tag of war.

Cracking the cartel entangled in the “chaotic black market”, for instance, which many citizens believe as one of the driving factors that contribute to the continues inflation in the country, might be faced with much resistance.

However, after identifying the root causes and the contributing factors we encourage the new finance minister to tackle the bull by the horns, in enforcing policy without fear, nor favor, because you’re saving the country and the citizens.

Much as many people emphasized that many of the operational black markets are backed up by a top notch in the government, to break the network may not be an easy task but with God, everything is possible. Resistance, misuse of power and position are bound to unfold.

The luxury of an individual driving V8 while some civil servants yawn for months without pay and numerous dying of hunger or going without food. Some of these situations are linked to misuse of public finances at the top.

Citizens need leaders whose aims are to develop the community but not self-centered leaders.

Citizens in this country need leaders who are creative in their various areas to ensure smooth running of the systems and fix shortfalls collectively, for a healthy nation building.


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