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Tragic Toll Continues: Yei Boda Boda Riders Face Ongoing Violence, Suppression

By James Bilal

In a deeply concerning and distressing series of events, Greater Yei County has been marred by an escalating wave of violence targeting boda boda riders, leaving communities shaken and families devastated.

As if these tragic situations were not enough, the authorities in Yei have also taken a worrying turn by arresting and detaining the chair of the boda-boda association. These incidents paint a grim picture of insecurity and disregard for the rights of both citizens and their representatives.

For several months now, Yei has witnessed a disturbing trend of violence directed towards boda boda riders, who play a crucial role in providing accessible and efficient transportation services to the local population. These individuals often serve as the lifeblood of communities, enabling people to navigate the county quickly and affordably.

However, recent events have cast a shadow of fear over the once vibrant streets as riders have fallen victim to senseless attacks, leaving a trail of tragedy and loss.

The ongoing killings of boda boda riders have sent shockwaves throughout Yei, prompting calls for swift action from local authorities and law enforcement agencies. Families have been torn apart, and the community has been left brawling with the immense emotional toll of these heinous acts. It is essential that the authorities take immediate and decisive steps to apprehend those responsible for these crimes, ensuring that justice is served and the safety of boda boda riders is restored.

Adding to the distressing situation, the recent arrest and detention of the boda-bodas association’s chair by the Yei authorities raises grave concerns about the erosion of civil liberties and freedom of association. The chair of the association represents the interests and concerns of boda boda riders, advocating for their rights and well-being. Their arrest not only stifles the voice of the boda boda community but also sends a chilling message that those who speak out or organize for their rights may face unjust retribution.

A vibrant and healthy society is built upon the foundation of open dialogue, cooperation, and respect for human rights. It is imperative that the authorities in Yei recognize the importance of a thriving boda-boda sector and the role it plays in local livelihoods. Rather than suppressing voices and perpetuating fear, the authorities should engage in transparent and inclusive conversations with the boda-boda association and other relevant stakeholders to address concerns, ensure safety, and promote an environment conducive to progress.

The boda boda riders of Yei have long been a vital link in the transportation network, serving as a lifeline for many residents who rely on their services for efficient and affordable commuting. However, recent events have cast a grim shadow over their daily operations as these riders have fallen victim to ruthless attacks by unknown gunmen. Families are left devastated, and the community’s trust in its own safety is rapidly deteriorating.

Community leaders, concerned citizens, and local organizations should join forces to condemn the escalating violence and to demand that Yei County authorities prioritize the protection of boda boda riders since they are an integral part of the local economy and social fabric, and their safety must be treated as a top priority. The failure to address this issue promptly not only endangers the lives of these riders but also threatens the overall stability of Yei. The situation calls for swift and comprehensive action on multiple fronts:

Enhanced Security Measures: Yei County authorities must bolster law enforcement efforts to ensure the safety of boda boda riders. This includes increasing police presence in vulnerable areas, establishing regular patrols, and setting up checkpoints to deter potential assailants.

Collaboration with Community: Authorities should actively engage with the boda boda association and other community representatives to gather insights, share information, and develop strategies to combat the threat. Open dialogue is a key to forging a collective response to the crisis.

Investigation and Accountability: A thorough and transparent investigation must be launched to identify and bring to justice those responsible for these attacks. The unknown gunmen must not be allowed to act with impunity, and the rule of law must prevail.

In conclusion, the ongoing killing of boda boda riders in Yei County, coupled with the arrest and detention of the boda-boda association’s chair, reflects a deeply troubling state of affairs. The community of Yei deserves better – better security, better protection of human rights, and better communication between authorities and the citizens they are entrusted to serve. The time has come for a concerted effort to end the cycle of violence, bring those responsible to justice, and uphold the rights and freedoms that underpin a just and inclusive society The protection of boda boda riders is not just a matter of safety; it is a testament to the commitment of Yei County to the well-being of its citizens and the prosperity of its community as a whole.


The author, James Bilal is passionate about defending Human Rights and is a researcher. He is currently working as the Coordinator of South Sudan Human Rights Defenders Network –SSHRDN. He can be reached via email goodbidal@gmail.com or Tel: +254741616338


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