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By Agoku Christine Taban (Guest writer)

South Sudan towns are awash with street children due to varied factors. As some are abandoned by their families, others become homeless on personal interests, and those robbed of parents by the ugly act of death.

In other countries, street children get a home in orphanages, where they are transformed to become important people. A nearest exemplary country is our neighboring Uganda, where many people watch on various social media platforms how street children are trained in various areas of talent.

One popular talent development area is in music dance and drama (MDD) where even of recent, a team participated in a British Got Talent competition which made them exposed Uganda in a splendor. It earned the Pearl of Africa, recognition as a country that puts talent development of her citizens at heart, a move where African countries became all proud of the representation by ghetto boys.

This typical example can be adapted positively in South Sudan through supporting established orphanages by individuals who have the heart of humanity with aim of changing the lives of the children for a better future.

However, circumstances in our country are quite different and a bit inhuman that an establishment that had provided a place for street children to call a home, faces threats. Seeing these advantaged one’s going back to the streets, yet they deserved sympathy, good care and accommodation, food, and love.

Our country is weird! We act pathetically towards those who needed our empathy.

Libya Nursery and primary school should exercise utmost human sympathy towards the innocent kids, who are at misery’s terminal of life. An amiable engagement with AKOO organization director, the caretaker of the kids, should be initiated for advantage and convenience of all parties.

It pains so much for a generation of this country who have started gaining hopes to return their memories to hopeless life where they will become homeless, eating and drinking contaminated food and water.

Well-wishers, church leaders, organizations, and other stakeholders should turn their eyes on the issues of the street children.

Street kids and those in orphanages deserve to enjoy all the rights like any other children, more so it’s their neither fundamental human rights that nobody should violate nor abuse.

Many kids on the town streets across this country, like Juba, Wau, Malakal, Torit needs help.  It’s not their fault but they got themselves in such circumstances, others lost their parents during the senseless power struggle. The political leaders’ selfish interests made other parents to perish in the conflict, leaving their children on the streets and no one cares about it.

Street children, who have made it positive in life, should teach a lesson to citizens of this country. On the other hand, influx of the vulnerable should also teach us about the evils of war and unnecessary conflicts.

It’s upon the blood of some of the parents of these street children that political leaders are riding on power.

Let’s think about the children.









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