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By Agoku Christine Taban (Guest writer)

All eyes of South Sudan’s citizens are on the parliament where they believed their leaders discuss issues affecting them. Thinking new mechanisms on how to approach distribution of services and generating developmental agendas in a better manner.

This is the very time; policy makers prove that this country is independent and sovereign; by purely exercising democratic will in any activities, discussions, and processes that carry meaningful values, amicably.

Leaders should be exemplary by showing the right path to democratic processes in decision-making for the benefit the country and her citizens.

Walking out of other party MPs from the parliament, who demanded for salary increment and the speaker objected, is an issue that could be democratically resolved. Continued disagreement between the two parties only shows lack of democratic will.

What message is the parliament sending to the citizens who needed their concerns to be addressed and addressed immediately?

Democratic will should take the lead in decision-making among Members of parliament.  Otherwise, the prevailing circumstances only portray inability of the legislature to play its roles and sends very different signals to the citizens who don’t wish to hear about disagreements between their leaders.

Decisions taken by the parliament in fair manner makes all members contented and sends beautiful and peaceful messages to the people. It demonstrates not only maturity in thinking but also in representation as well as building confidence of the citizenry towards the country leadership.

Ability of our leaders in setting developmental agenda and directing the country to move forward to peace and prosperity rests in democratic resolutions of matters. One sided decision show that there is completely lack of democracy will, unfair and threat to peace.

Hopefully, the walking away of some lawmakers from the sitting won’t be used exaggeratedly but constructively to further a peaceful engagement. Citizens should also know that disagreement in leadership, on decision taking, isn’t hatred, how tough the situation may appear, it’s for their own good.

Pleases disagree to agree. If all avenues proved impossible, the parliament would resort to voting.

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