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Humans have a common tendency of blaming God, the devil and any other external factor in negative circumstances, forgetting our own strays from rules that govern operations of existence.

On committing a crime, the devil becomes our lead conspirator to the act, while our habit is at play.  When poverty strikes, we blame God for giving more to others while neglecting us, yet it could be our own laziness.

Reckless road use resulting to an accident prompts us to victimize either God for failing to protect or the devil for playing the bloody game, yet our own failure to abide by traffic rules could be responsible.

It’s very difficult for humans to understand that laws or rules are not against us but meant for safety.

Perturbingly, we often scorn traffic police officers who suffer under scorching sun heat to protect us, calling them names and all sorts of kind, forgetting the reason they are there is their love for us to be alive.

Under traffic law, a motorcycle is designed for two people; a rider and one passenger, but when the police try to implement that, for the safety of lives, we turn aggressive to people, to whom our lives mean a lot.

Speed kills: but when an officer in uniform tells us to slow, our greed overshadows the need to live longer by abiding to the rules of existence.

On rainy or dusty moments, a motorist is supposed to stop until the visibility is cleared, for one to see whatever lays a head, but this key rule is often ignored, only to take us to an early grave.

When it means moving on the right side, let’s follow and turn at an appropriate time to change direction, while giving all indications to other travelers to ensure safe road usage.

To be kind enough to our lives and our traffic officers, it’s better to follow the rules than blame either God or the devil after misery has befallen.


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