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The patience even when nothing is working

There is no doubt; each one of us is waiting for something out of life. This could be a child, job, good health, right partner or a better life ahead. In every corner of this country, everyone is struggling to at least hit his or her dream. But sometimes God comes in and says it is too early.

That we are not ripe enough to handle this or that, the greatest question of our time has been why God seems to be working against us even when we have been doing everything possible within our power to honor him.  The truth is God is not against and he will never be. There are moments of silence in life.

These are times when God prepares those that he trusts so that he gives them the assignment. This means God will never give what you want without first getting you through what you are currently facing because without doing so, you won’t be able to handle what is coming for you.

It is true that others, mostly your friends, are receiving it faster than you but this is not a sign that you have been left out in the distribution spree. Get this; People have different timelines. Remember we were not created within the same date and time. We will also not die on the same day. This should humble and show us a green light ahead.

When your friend wins in life, you have to be happy for them because the same will happen to you one day. God blesses people in different ways, and you may not recognize your own blessing because you are busy thinking about what you don’t have. God will never give us all that we need. The happiness in life is those little things that we don’t appreciate.

There are people with all the money in the world but they are in shaky or unstable relationships. There are people who are relatively happy with money but without a child. There is someone who is successful but in poor health. On the same flip side of the coin, there exist poor couples with children but with little money to raise them. These people wake up each morning with one goal to put food on the table for these kids.

They are not rich, but they find joy in struggling for their kids. This is what I call life. For most people, what they call life is having a lot of money and everything in the world but it makes no difference. The same notion still applies here; you will never be satisfied with your grave. Our desire bucket has no limit, when you get this, it loses that beauty, and you need another one.

We have seen this with children, buy them a child toy and they will cry for it until you give it to them. On the same day, buy a football and they will lose interest in the first toy.

Our difference here is that they are just children, and they don’t know what they are doing but for us, it is not getting contented with what we have. Even when we are poor, there are several things we should be grateful for such as good health and peaceful sleep at night.

I understand that there are many things you are expecting in life. I know that you are praying for them to materialize but I am sorry that they may not come as expected. Some of these will take a very long time to come into reality. Another sad truth is that others will never come true. I hate to mention this but don’t take it as if I am discouraging you. It doesn’t always go according to our plans.

You have to know that certain things take a great deal of time and patience. Lest I forget, I want to also let you know that patience is weak when it is not fed with hope.  If you are willing to wait, you must also be willing to be optimistic in spite of what you are going through. Nobody knows what will happen today or tomorrow but if you have hope, anything is possible.





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