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The black men in the coat

Makur Mangar Luk

The sole dignity of South Sudan is being killed by most government stakeholders. For example, many foreigners are running different kinds of sole businesses that should be carried out by citizens. Additionally, unrecognizable things are covered and protected by most Lt Generals and other government officials.
To disclose it to you‚ whenever foreigners who do bad things and humiliate the country are caught by a few individuals or patriotic citizens who feel the importance of their nation‚ foreigners often feel confident and insult both the people and the system of the country. They also threaten people because they believe they have more connections or relations than the citizens of this nation‚ simply because the government stakeholders are hosting them and may have been bribed or involved in amalgamation business in the name of foreigners.
They ensure that foreigners can do whatever they want as long as they are present. This is why foreigners‚ who are victimized‚ speak out and say whatever they can.
It happens several times to see foreigners sabotaging statements from the government. It happened when Ethiopians‚ who were conducting business supplying water to various areas within Juba city‚ were forced to reduce the prices of selling water to the citizens. This sabotage occurred when they stayed away without supplying water to various parts of Juba city. However‚ it is even more concerning as some Sudanese individuals serving the government are the reason behind the ignored statement.
The government officials or stakeholders have humiliated a few patriotic citizens in the eyes of foreigners. Even in hotels‚ Sudanese working as managers or staff members are always paid less than foreigners who hold junior positions. Despite hotels being under the control of foreigners, the government stakeholders‚ particularly the Ministry of Labor Services‚ fail to acknowledge this issue. It seems they have been bribed to act as defenders of foreigners whenever they are criticized. Instead of their usual practice of corruption‚ government stakeholders rush to the streets‚ humiliating patriotic citizens who are being marginalized by those who exploit our resources. The misbehavior of foreigners in South Sudan is often supported by citizens of this country. Government officials can appear out of nowhere when foreigners are caught doing bad things and defend them. They may tell you that you are not authorized and warn you to mind your own business‚ or else face consequences.
Yet‚ there are a few misinformed soldiers and government officials who use statements against their citizens‚ that they have never come across. This statement is said in the nationality that ‘This is to certify that the bearer‚ whose image and thumbprint appear here in is a South Sudanese citizen under the provision of the Nationality Act. The bearer, therefore, is entitled to all the rights and privileges and is subject to all the duties and responsibilities of a South Sudanese Citizen.’ With this clear information‚ those fools‚ black Sudanese in coats‚ still appear defending foreigners‚ violating regularities.
South Sudan is the widest country in terms of land area and possesses abundant natural resources‚ which generate significant economic income. However‚ these benefits are not seen by the citizens or reflected in public infrastructure due to the actions of a few individuals who hide their wealth. If it weren’t for these individuals‚ the Ministry of Labor Services should have implemented strict regulations against foreigners exploiting South Sudanese workers.

By doing so‚ our economy would have experienced significant growth as the money earned by our citizens would have remained in the country instead of flowing out with foreign investors. However, now that we are left with nothing, we question where the money has gone‚ despite being complicit in this situation. It is crucial for South Sudan to be cautious and mindful of these factors.

The author can be reached via makurmangarluk19@gmail.com.

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