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 You think you have figured it out, and then life surprises you

For most of the things in this world, we never get to control them.  That is why most motivational gurus don’t work. You have your son; you went through hell to bring him to this world. He is your only child for that matter, but something just pops up. He got diagnosed with cancer.

Just a few months ago, you were overjoyed watching him graduate from high school. On that day, one thing stood out, you made up your mind to work your tail off to see him through university. But now there is a reality you must accept; you are no longer going to use that money for his education but rather for a terminal illness treatment.

If you still don’t know, this is why motivational speakers don’t make sense sometimes.  If you still don’t know, this is going to be shocker that changes everything. You are not going to navigate life as a father or a mother but as a lost human being. The realities of life bites really hard. I have seen life at its worst. I remember instances where families have to sell everything, they have to save the life of their only child and the child dies on that same day after selling everything.

I have also seen people who worked so hard from nothing and at the moment when the dots were about to connect, life puts a full stop. It could be death two day to your graduation ceremony or a    medical diagnosis that changes your life forever, and not for the better. You know what it means when you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

The truth is most things don’t really matter in life. You just have to take things the way they are because you are not going to change how things turn out. You can be the best driver around. You never drink and you follow traffic rules and regulations but one day as you are driving on the road, a drunk driver rams into your car and you are killed in the process.

If you can remember, you have been a good driver but now you are gone for what God knows. The universe will always leave you in shock.  The universe treats us like chickens. If you have ever kept chickens in your house, you will probably connect what I’m insinuating. You know how you feed your chicken from January to November; in December you bring it out and have it slaughtered.

The chicken thought you were a good owner not knowing that you have been keeping it for its meat.   The universe does the same thing. You are this huge human being. You have been eating everything including what was meant for others and then something happens, you die, and the maggots eat you up. The truth is, you will never arrive.

The moment you feel like you have figured it out, something will just pop up and make you question all the times you have wasted trying to connect the dots. A few months ago, you were a healthy young man, today you are a bedridden, God forbid. This is not going to be your portion. But there will come a time when nothing will be something and something will return to nothing.

Has there been a time when you questioned your faith and all that you believed in? If you have ever done that, you are not alone, the world is not what it is, not what you think it is. The world is just a scam. The organizations that claim to fight for women’s rights are the ones that end up abusing their female employees in exchange for jobs.

Don’t be too quick to trust a system when you have food on the table because the reality is, you are just rich because someone is poor. In Africa, someone’s loss is another’s victory. If your failure is always someone’s success story, the world will not tell you what you need to hear. This is why democracy is always in question. A democratic state is not in existence. What you know as a democracy is just an illusion. All the countries of the world are struggling with almost the same problems; the difference is how we handle those issues.


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