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200 years from now, nobody will know you once existed

You cannot really tell if you have been dead before you were born and honestly, you don’t have an idea where your next destination will be if your assignment comes to an end.  It all cancels to zero.

You are nothing and you get to lose every single time. If you don’t have respect for time, you will never respect anything in your life. If you still know your great-grandfather, then you have a mental problem.

This life is like a ludo game, you throw the dice, and you are not so sure what you will get when they are thrown. You may opt for 6 and you get 1 instead. There are times when nothing just makes sense. We don’t know why we are here, but something tells us that we should make money.

We spend this money on food and hospital bills. For some, they spend their money on women, while others drink to death.

Some struggle to raise money for children’s school fees and not all these children succeed in school. Some become criminals and they get some policemen employed. Some become SPLM soldiers, for these guys, they will never see their salaries.

We all pursue different causes, but it all comes down to one thing, to be happy. We all work hard but not all who work so hard make it out of life. Some don’t work hard but everything works for them. A son of a charcoal maker and a son of a minister do not have to work hard because one will always fall farther behind.

The truth is, we are all chasing the wind. In the end, we are equalized in death, we become one and you know what happens?  The maggots eat us up.  On earth, we struggle, some succeed, and others do not. Some drive expensive cars with villas and bungalows while others perish in extreme poverty. Some students get straight “As” and others end up getting “Fs”. At the end of the day, the smart ones get employed and others and who used to get Fs become entrepreneurs, politicians. Others may choose to become criminal gangs.  This is why comparison is just a prison.

In a world of nearly 10 billion people, nothing that you do is really going to matter because there is someone who is going to do it better than you.  You cannot simply call yourself smart when there are people smarter than you.

You are not beautiful or better than someone else if you think so. And if you are poor, you have to keep in mind that there is someone who is poorer than you. Do you have an idea why Elon Musk is so rich and still needs more money? The secret is this, if he doesn’t work hard, he is going to be unseated.

When we were in high school, Bill Gates was the richest man on earth. Today we have different faces. For these people, money is not their problem. If there is one problem that they have, it is how to reverse time. But one thing stands out; there will come a time when their money will be nothing when they need life.

This too goes for our politicians; I did not mention any names here. These people have cheated their own people and amassed so much wealth that they don’t even know what to do with the money when so many people live in abject poverty. There will come a time when they wish they had used their money so well, but it will be too late.

The world is not always what you think it is. If you want to know the truth, don’t look for it because you will never find it. The truth is always there. Sometimes we deny it. One of the biggest truths is death, we know we are not going to be here forever, but we live in perpetual denial of this fact. This is why in the Buddhist religion; they keep the skulls of human beings in their bedrooms to remind them of their mortality. There is also a saying of memento mori, it is a trope that reminds us of the inevitability of death.

When you know, you are going to die, it humbles so much. You get to treat others well. You also learn to be grateful for all that you have including your health. For the time I spent in the hospital, I have seen people die and others plead on hospital beds just to have a second chance.

You know the time when you ask Google to describe your sickness and it will do it to a point where it will tell you how long you have left to live on this earth. If you are healthy, be thankful to God.

You also need to know that all these things last. Sometimes the things that we chase are not always the ones we get. Life doesn’t work according to our timelines. This is why fame doesn’t count because everything fades. Beauty will never stand the test of time. And there will come a time when those who have made names will be forgotten. Be humble and try to be kind sometimes. If you have a family, go home today and tell them that you love them.




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