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The National Economic Conference initiated by the government of South Sudan through the Ministry of Finance and Planning is a good move to tap into innovative ideas for addressing economic challenges facing the country. The forum is an important vehicle to shape the economic landscape of South Sudan.

The economic conference’s ideal benefit would be a platform for stakeholders to give an understanding of knowledge, experiences, and some of the common best practices for handling economic problems and how to recover from the worst economic crisis like the one South Sudan is facing. On the other hand, also this forum would give birth to the discovery of emerging economic opportunities that would be utilized to the benefit of South Sudanese, regionally, and internationally.

This conference should also set the basis for effective public-private sector partnerships to champion economic growth and empowerment of business enterprises.

South Sudan has one of the worst-performing economies in the world. The armed conflicts, political instability, poor governance, and weak public administration have paralyzed the economy entirely. If it was because of a lack of qualified personnel to administer the economic sectors, many appointments were made several times to various individuals with wealthy skills in the economy to head public institutions handling the economy but still no good results or progress.

This shows that the economy is not a matter of appointments to lead institutions to streamline its progress, however, it is the interconnectedness of various sectors, institutions, unified public policy actions, and decision-making dedication towards achieving economic growth.

The National Economic Confidence which is budgeted to cost 1 million United States dollars, its outcomes should not be ignored like other policy documents that are not being implemented. For instance, the revitalized peace agreement has provided a plan for economic recovery, and development, but the lack of political will on its implementation has made it up to now untapped.

The economic conference’s outcomes would not make sense if the top leaders of this government were not going to lead from the front to implement and supervise the policy considerations that would come out as a result of the forum’s sessions.

The government must consider maintaining peace, providing security to citizens including anybody residing in South Sudan, leading the fight against corruption, and strengthening public institutions. These would at least help to bolster investors’ confidence to come and invest in the economic sectors of this country. Having the economic conference alone without making efforts on other binding priorities would not address the economic problems facing this country.

God Bless South Sudan.

Be right there.

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