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It would have been illogical if East African heads of state pulled out the regional force, yet their brother, Felix Tshisekedi’s house engulfed by flame.

Innocent civil population of Goma region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is facing a disparaging mayhem from a mystic-religious group, fighting under the guise of “true independence”.

Tuesday resolution to extend the mandate of the regional force by three months has even fallen short of time period to achieve a satisfactory result.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a vast country, lacking presence of effective government administration, a situation which various individuals have taken advantage of to manipulate for their gain at the cost of the ordinary citizens.

Some of these individuals are opposed to governments in the neighbouring countries but take DRC as safe havens while others are plundering untapped natural resources of this gigantic African nation.

While in the jungles, the negative forces spit fire on the populace, hence, exit of regional forces would mean abandoning the innocent civilians to the wolves.

As the forces had registered notable performance in the DRC, best of their term would be to stay till riding the country free of elements opposed peace.

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