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No thief grows grey hair

Continue stealing money and you be buried young! If the fact that there are thieves with grey hair has cheated on you to continue stealing, then be aware that the number of the dead triples that of the living and the truth behind it is that there are people who live while dead. These people who live while dead are thieves among which you are one. While a thief lives, his house is in the cemetery.

In fact, every time a thief moves, he is moving at the sight of God’s sniper. Once God pulls the trigger, the thief is lying down dead. But before God pulls the trigger, the owner of the property you steal will pull the trigger first. Here, you have died twice! Why do you become so engaged in a job where its professionals are not called to speak to an audience? Why would thieves be honored that much to speak to people yearning for inspiration?

From the grassroots level to the national level, no thief is listened to. Thieves have no difference with alcoholics. Whatever truth an alcoholic says, people do not take it. People say these are words of drunkards though people know what they say is true. If you find a thief being given a chance to go on the stage to speak on behalf of his people, come to me for a gift. I’m serious! Thieves are nobody, but a favorite food for ants and maggots.

In a country where there is an outbreak of thievery which they nickname as “corruption”, many people who are involved in it die and people fear to collect the death toll. The death toll would somehow be alarming just like the death toll of any other infectious disease. Looking at South Sudan, one would say corruption was born in South Sudan. Everywhere, corruption exists! There is corruption in employment. There is corruption in hospitals. There is corruption in the army. There is corruption in Non-Governmental Organizations. And the biggest corruption is found in the government.

When you meet your typical government official, he/she steals what his/her teeth can’t bite. They steal as if today is the last day for stealing! The salary goes missing for a number of months not because it is not available, but because it has been turned into what they vividly call “operational funds”. I’m even forgetting, there are officials whose hands are too long to reach the salary before it is finally out. Such officials are eagle thieves, they see the salary from far and fly to grip it without missing. This has made the life of civil servants very hard to cope with the living.

Since they are grandchildren of Ananias and Sapphira, whose voice can they listen to, to abandon stealing? Stealing is in their genes and the only person they listen to is death just like their granddad and mum. When Ananias was asked by Peter whether or not he had kept back part of the money, he denied and the angel of death took his life on the spot. Sapphira, when asked, did not want to differ from her husband, she too denied that they did not take part of the money after they had sold a piece of land and since God knows everything, she fell down dead just like her husband. Continue stealing and you be collected to the grave, and continue siding with your husband and your house be relocated to the cemetery. Say “enough is enough” to stealing and bid it farewell to live longer. And by the way, weu angot ke liu, meaning money is still not there.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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