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Leaders should be exemplary; be compassionate, meditate, listen to yourself, exercise self-awareness and practice confidence rather than making utterances.

Leaders should be empathetic, understanding and caring: but being so doesn’t mean others taken advantage of.  Also, leaders should be role models to other people to emulate.

Taking us back to what happened during the national economic conference, on Friday 8 September 2023, last week, where two leaders in a nasty scenario were interlocked in altercation in front of Diplomats and key government officials.

The antagonism lack of respect between the two leaders who also forgotten that they were not in isolation but in the middle of the world.

In his own words Prof. John Akec puts that “I would like to express my deepest regret about how a genuine exchange with the Governor of the Unity state had gone out of control, and led to misunderstanding, and unproductive debate Among our Citizens,”

“I also want to let be known that I have neither hard feeling against the people of Unity state nor the Governor,” he continued but a belated composure after injuries.

What the two leaders also backslid in their minds was that leaders have ethical code of conduct to accord to, either when in privacy or public.

Though self-control is the worst animal to tame in humans because our minds are jammed with stress, the two leaders should have suppressed their emotions for the benefit of respect.

Both leaders would have not exposed their political antagonism in the conference but wait for rallies since the election is nearing.

Every leader must know where to react but not any how because people will be wondering and watching your disagreements yet what brought them together was a different agenda, so be wise enough.

Almost every leader in South Sudan is taken up by emotions but try your level best in control when you go outside the country to give good image of our nation.

I also take this opportunity to appreciate Professor John Akec for his wise decision on letting the public know that he has no problems with neither the people nor the governor of Unity State and has realised his mistake of the bitter argument during the national economic conference.

This shows respect and quality of leadership at the same time, by doing that it doesn’t mean that he was in the wrong or defeated, it’s good to take responsibility even when you are right.

It takes great wisdom and courage to say sorry.

God Bless South Sudan

Be right there!




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