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Iswore chief freed

By Ijoo Bosco Modi

Magwi county authorities have confirmed the release of Iswore paramount chief Patrick Olweny Amuna and his three colleagues after two weeks’ detention.

The Chief and his colleagues were arrested from the contested Iswore boma between Ikwoto and Magwi county. He was arrested by the state SSPDF division headquarters 7 Infantry from his home village, in Iswore.

They were accused of involvement in questionable threatening activities by military intelligence operatives in Lobone Payam.

The chairperson of the Acholi community who is also a former national Member of Parliament Otim David Okot had called for the chief’s immediate release, calling the accusations false.

The commissioner of Magwi County, Otto David Remson, confirmed to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the cases filed against the chief were to investigate suspected information.

He also revealed that the three individuals were not arrested but taken for more investigation to ascertain the claim levied against them, causing the conflict over the disputed boma.

Mr. Otto stated that the chief is legitimately released from detention, encouraging the community of Iswore Boma to stay calm.

Commissioner Otto has promised to tour Iswore and have meetings with the community to focus on development without wasting time.

“I will soon commence touring the affected areas within Iswore and share their problem jointly with them, am sure once we join hand everything will work out” added Otto.

In July, the Governor of Eastern Equatoria state Louis Lobong Lojore formed a committee of five members comprising three state members of parliaments, state Director of national security and the state commissioner of police to investigate the allegation over Iswore.



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