Easter Equatoria State

Bandits attack travelers on Magwi road

By Ijoo Bosco   Authorities in Eastern Equatoria State have launched an investigation on track along Magwi Road. Some criminals robbed travelers and ambushed an ambulance, along Torit-Magwi road, over the weekend. Torit town Mayor, Mustafa Albino Zackaria, who confirmed the incident, said the government dispatched security personnel to help[Read More…]

Toposa, Lopit agree to end raids

By Ijoo Bosco   Following a series of deadly raids that claimed nine lives last week, the Toposa and Lopit communities in Eastern Equatoria State have pledged during a dialogue to end all violence and live peacefully. The two-day peace and reconciliation dialogue organized by local authorities that concluded on[Read More…]

Eastern Equatoria reports large-scale cattle raid

By Ijoo Bosco   Over ten-thousand-armed Murle youth from Greater Pibor Administrative Area attacked Kauto Payam in Kapoeta East County on Friday. According to Eastern Equatoria Governor Louis Lobong Lojore, the attackers, who reportedly mobilized over the past month, waged a two-day raid. “This group of youth…since last month we[Read More…]

Farmer, 51-year-old shot Dead in Torit

By Ijoo Bosco   Unknown assailant shot dead, a 51-year-old farmer on Saturday morning while traveling to cultivate at Odikolong area, an outskirts of Eastern Equatoria State capital, Torit Town. The deceased has been identified as Angelo Ohosa. A police officer and a relative to the deceased, Obulo Karanja, confirmed[Read More…]

Lopit Community condemns recent killings in Imehejek

By Ijoo Bosco   Lopit community in Eastern Equatoria State has condemned killing of four Toposa cattle herders by suspected criminals in Imehejek administrative area. Ustaz Ambrose Oyet Albino, Chairperson of the Lopit community, expressed shock over the killing at Lolongo village of Lohutok Payam, calling it “barbaric”. He urged[Read More…]

TB patients urged to keep routine

By Ijoo Bosco   Magwi County’s tuberculosis supervisor is appealing to TB-positive clients to prioritize regular follow-up visits to health facilities to effectively manage their condition and prevent the spread of the infection. This call comes in response to a growing number of clients who have defaulted on their prescribed[Read More…]

Man killed in Imehejek cattle raid

By Ijoo Bosco   Authorities in Imehejek Administrative Area reported the death of an armed youth during a cattle raid on Sunday evening. The area’s chief administrator, Mathew Oromo, disclosed that the incident occurred when the youth was returning his cattle to the town headquarters after grazing. According to Oromo,[Read More…]