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Peace rally concludes in Jonglei

By Manas James

A series of rallies to disseminate 2018 peace deal and shun recurring inter-communal violence concluded over the weekend in remote parts of Jonglei State cut off from the state capital, Bor.

The initiative started on 18 August and covered the northern counties of Duk, Uror, and Ayod.

The state deputy governor, Jacob Akec Dengdit, spearheaded the campaign.

Speaking to No. 1 Citizen Newspaper, Deputy Governor Akec, said they embarked on the initiative to appeal to youths to desist from inter-communal violence as the dry season approaches and to prepare them for elections scheduled for 2024.

“In this security, stability, and peace mission, we are appealing to our youth to remain peaceful and not to mobilize themselves to attack Greater Pibor. They should instead protect themselves within territories of Jonglei State,” Akec said.

“We started this on 18 August in Yuai of Uror, moving from one village to the other and now we are in Ayod,” he stressed.

He added, “My mission is also tackling the issue of cattle theft which always leads to fighting among our local youths. I also saw for myself the lack of communication network and how our people are suffering without service.”

The state official pointed out that his mission would act as a wake-up call to inform government intervention.

James Chuol Jiek, the Ayod County commissioner, and his Duk counterpart, Peter Latjor Chuol, said they are partaking in the ongoing campaign because they believe peace is a tool, they need to deliver services to their people.

They called on the state and national government to have services improved and empower youth to keep them engaged.


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