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On Monday, shocking news from Tonj town of Warrap State states that a mother hammered her daughter’s feet with a 6-inch nails over an accusation of roaming around the area.

The woman’s actions show irresponsibility in the family. She is not a serious mother at all. The question is what if the kid died, what would the mother do at that moment?

Parents should not act rebellious towards their children, attempting murder just because the children are helping themselves from their immediate neighbors.

A similar situation occurred five months ago when a girl lost both of her eyes after refusing a suitor of her father’s choice. The father gauged off his daughter’s eyes of his daughter, saying he didn’t want her to admire other men. This is a difficult situation when parents decide wrongly on their own children without knowing the consequences.

Since the war broke out in 2013, the citizens in the country have been facing stress, hunger, and economic crises. The citizens continue to suffer from insecurity, food shortages and economic crises.

The leaders in South Sudan should speed up the implementation of the peace process and improve security in other parts of the country to relieve South Sudanese from the stress of hammering their own children and blaming them for eating from neighbor’s houses.

I appeal to the police of Tonj Town should continue detaining the mother of the minor until justice prevails, so others won’t attempt the same act.

May God Bless South Sudan

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