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Torit education managers get training

By  Ijoo Bosco Modi

The National Ministry of General Education and Instruction has completed a three-day training program for over 100 head teachers and supervisors in Torit, Eastern Equatoria State.

The training aimed to equip education managers with the skills to effectively monitor and evaluate the performance of their teachers in the greater Torit County eight payams.

Eastern Equatoria state Director General in the Ministry of Education, Sundar Peter stated the training program for head teachers is meant to familiarize them with monitoring and evaluation values, which serve as strategic indicators.

Sundar urged education managers to apply their acquired knowledge to enhance the state’s performance, as the performance in the past two years has been significantly below the national average.

He added that education managers should assess teachers’ performance using the techniques provided during the three days of training, along with the guides distributed to them.

Meanwhile, Torit County Education Director Loboi Clement hails the National Ministry of General Education and Instruction for building the capacity of the county head teachers.

Mr. Loboi urged the trainees to put the acquired knowledge into practice in order to improve the image of the metropolitan capital on educational performance in Eastern Equatoria state.

“Torit is the light, there is a need for you to work hard and produce a better performance in the region, we are hosting a vast type of community in Torit and still performing poorly, we need to improve now am sure you people have attention 4all the needed knowledge” explain Loboi.

He reiterated that the training aims to enhance administration and teaching in the state, aiming to improve the performance of school-going youth across the county.

Sekuku Ruth, one of the participants who is the municipal education supervisor said she benefited from the training and will now be able to monitor teachers under her Jurisdiction.

“I have benefited a lot during this three-day workshop because it taught us how to properly supervise our teachers, truly I will put the knowledge into practice and I will tell teachers to be very smart and exemplary to the pupils,” she said.

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