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SSNMC party names Akobo chairperson

By Manas James

South Sudan National Movement for Change (SSNMC) party has named Opiew Opiew Gilo as its chairperson in Akobo County.

This appointment was made by Elijah Mocnom Wuor, the Jonglei State chairperson of SSNMC, a member party of the coalition group South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA), on Friday.

Wuor stated in an interview with No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the appointment is part of their strategy to mobilise people and establish a strong presence in Akobo County ahead of anticipated elections in December 2024.

He also mentioned that similar appointments have been made in other counties across Jonglei State, with the exception of Fangak County.

“Opiew Opiew Gilo is our chairperson for Akobo. This appointment is one of our activities in preparation for the elections. Other appointments were made for other counties of Bor, Tic East, Duk, Uror, Nyirol, Pigi, and Ayod,” he affirmed.

Mr. Opiew, the Akobo County SSNMC party chairperson, expressed his appreciation for the appointment.

He emphasized the importance of peace among the local communities and stated that his main focus will be on fostering unity between the Nuer and Anyuak communities.

He also believes that by promoting peace, they can then work towards delivering essential services to the community.

“I really appreciate this appointment, and my priority is peace and unity. If there is peace, then there will be development,” he said.

Election is one of the key requirements of the 2018 peace deal to give the South Sudanese people an opportunity to elect their leaders for the first time since the country’s independence in 2011.

As some parties prepare for the polls, others remain sceptical about the conduct of free and fair elections, with a number of key provisions largely unmet.

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