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Lobong urges Pibor traders to embrace peace

By Aweye Teddy Onam

Eastern Equatoria State governor, Louis Lobong has urged businessmen from Gumuruk in Pibor to embrace peace to avoid destruction of trade.

Lobong was addressing a group of cattle traders on Wednesday who trekked for 21 days with 300 cattle to reach Torit last Saturday.

During his visit to the cattle market, Lobong assured the traders of their security but called on them to avoid bad practices such as abduction, killing, and raiding, which could destabilize peace and interfere with businesses in Eastern Equatoria State.

He assured them that the area was open for peaceful transactions and that no one should be killed or abducted.

Lobong directed the country administration to locate a place for the traders and ensure their guns are registered and given back to them once they return to Gumuruk.

He also urged traders to be vigilant against thieves who might be tempted to raid their cattle.

“If you just leave, you will realize somebody will come and those are thieves and even when grazing these cattle, you check well,” Lobong said.


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