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Two abductees escape captivity

By Mamer Abraham

Jonglei State authorities have confirmed that two women who were recently abducted by cattle raiders escaped from captivity and returned to the state.

Elizabeth Nyadak John, the state minister for information and communication, said the women, identified as Nyareat Buom Tuong and Nyakueka Rial, reached Pajut town in Duk County on Monday after escaping from the abductors.

She said the women were abducted on August 9, 2023, in Nyirol County, and now the state government is trying its best to reunite them with their families.

“In another fortunate incident, two female abductees who were abducted from Thakroal in Thol Payam of Nyirol County on 9th/8/2023 by Murle criminals managed to escape from their abductors and successfully reached Pajut Town of Duk County yesterday, 18th/9/2023. The authorities are working for them to be soon reunited with their families,” she explained in a statement.

Numerous attacks have been taking place in Jonglei State, including the recent attack in Baidit Payam of Bor County, where about 100 cattle were raided after the herders fell in an ambush on their way back home from grazing areas.

The response from the youths to recover the cattle was futile, as the raiders left without traces and no casualties were reported.

Nyadak yesterday appealed to the government of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) to probe and arrest the criminals so that the lost cattle could be returned to their rightful owners.

On Tuesday, the spokesperson of the government of GPAA, Abraham Kelang, said the government of the area was committed to peace resolution.

“As the government of GPAA, we are always in peace resolution in our search; if we get that the information is true and we find the abducted kids, I will communicate,” he said.

Kelang stated that he should be informed about any abduction or raid incidents so that he could inform commissioners about the potential criminals who might have committed crimes to be apprehended.

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