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Over 200 returnees still in dire situation

By Manas James

Around 200 returnees in Bor town, Jonglei State, are facing a desperate situation, lacking basic necessities such as food and shelter.

The individuals fled Sudan to escape the ongoing war and have been struggling since their arrival on July 4, according to Stephen Kuel, the representative of the returnees.

“The majority of them are from Uror County and have been in Bor for about two months. While a few households with relatives in Bor have managed to integrate into the community, the rest of the returnees are still in dire need of assistance,” he said.

Mary John, one of the returnees, highlighted the difficulties they are facing.

“Despite our desire to resettle in Uror, the prevailing insecurity has forced us to stay in Bor, where food is scarce,” he said.

She earnestly appealed for food aid and transportation to Uror for resettlement.

Elizabeth Nyadak John, the state information minister, acknowledged the dire situation faced by the returnees.

“They lack not only food and medicines but also other necessary services. Currently settled at a place called Digrut, their condition is considerably poor,” she said.

Nyadak emphasized the crucial role of aid agencies in providing assistance to these individuals.

In light of this situation, urgent support is needed for these 200 returnees in Bor. Adequate food, shelter, medical supplies, and other essential services must be made available to alleviate their hardships.

Aid agencies are urged to step in and help improve the plight of these vulnerable individuals.


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