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Why science can’t tear down the walls between now and then

Sometimes with all the painful experiences we are passing through, instead of appreciating God for the little we have veer to wonder if this is the life the biblical Jesus was ransomed so that we live not by its negative part but its sweetest part where there is no suffering and pain with its hustle and bustle.

The holy book and many religious sages have for centuries been lining behind the seemingly dying belief that Jesus as the beloved son of God was born by a woman and sacrificed to atone for the suffering of humankind. This is to put it simply that Jesus was a redeemer and savior of humankind. But on the other hand, there are some people whose beliefs are beyond atheism.

They have taken advantage of the suffering of the human race to falsify the Christian belief that holds Jesus as a true son of God whose blood was shed so that human beings have not only a good but a better life and live it to its fullest.

Science at the far end of the universe is testing its potency on the human race to deny the existence of God and it is no hidden truth, there are people who are using their money to wipe out half of the world to give people room to question the existence of God.

Technology also is trying its might and people are confused about the right path to take, technology, science, or God. People become exceedingly challenged on how to make the right choice here. When we look at science, it is not only solving our problems that we can’t control but also creating many problems. This has been evidenced by the novel coronavirus, which is sweeping through the nations of the world sparing not the rich, poor, powerful, weak, elite, or populace.

It is killing without exception all including those who sleep on empty stomachs and those who take rice and fried chicken as lunch and supper at the same time or anything they may feel like. But do you know where wonders emanate? It is here, science that we hold on so tightly to solve our problems is just watching helplessly without answers let me mention not solutions.

They are lost on what to do and the media is telling us that the virus is killing thousands on a daily basis in some parts of the world. This has created fear in most parts of the world and science and some politicians who want to get rich quickly instead of encouraging people, they are fanning the embers of the flame. When we turn to technology, there seems to be no difference.

Nothing completely makes sense here. Technology is doing us more harm than good. Though we need technology in this modern age, it is instead fleecing us of the cultural values that we cannot live without and has contributed incredibly to the death of so many Africans.

The gun, which is causing havoc in the African continent, is a result of technology. But in relation to ammunition, we don’t put much blame on the inventor’s technology. But for African leaders who use these weapons to kill their own people, the dangerous weapons were invented for defense and not for killings.

But sadly, our people buy them to secure political seats or to acquire one. It was sometime back when the United States imposed an arms embargo on South Sudan. The young nation in the world was seen building its military when millions of its people were living in abject poverty. Guns are in the hands of civilians and people die daily and there are some others who are in need of more guns when soldiers who would carry these guns go months without seeing their meager salaries. Some of the people who fought for this country but ended up not being assigned to government offices after the liberation to partake in the political cake are now mad because they cannot come to terms with the fact that this was the country they fought for. Their children are not in school, there is no food, and they have no permanent homes.

This is to show that there is absolutely nothing good with science, technology and earthly leaders. It is God who has solutions to our problems. We may be going through suffering and pain, but God has not forgotten us. Sometimes it may hurt to get up when we are down but when we know that God is by our side, we can do it faster than we could imagine.

We are living in hard times where almost everyone is facing one problem or the other. People from different walks of life are going through a lot of difficulties even those that we think they have it all. Many do their things happily but, in their hearts, they are bleeding. We need to give everything to God because at the end of these hardships, pain and suffering, God’s plan for us is going to make sense.


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