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Living too long or dying soon, all trigger fear

By Chol Peter Majoh

Mostly, we face these fears: first, dying too soon (before the family is taken care of, a business is set up, education is finished, etc.); Second, and that’s on the other hand, living too long (outliving one’s assets or savings); third, the fear of catastrophic illness (all one’s resources could go at one time); or mental and/or physical disability (who will take care of me?). This fear is also connected to living too long.

Despite these fears, let us always live with hope. Hope is the only solution you need in this situation of fear, anxiety, worry, and feeling like nothing good will ever come tomorrow, especially in this era when calamities, both natural and human-made, hit.

When economic crises abound and death surprises occur, the future doesn’t seem promising. But no matter that, all you need is hope. Yeah, you need to hope it won’t end in tears. Your life will not break apart, nor will your world fall unexpectedly.

If your worry is often triggered by “What is up in my future treasury?”, remember what’s said in the Bible about tomorrow and worries. In the Bible, the teacher of teachers, Jesus, says: “Therefore don’t be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.” Matthew 6:34.

The same way you feel fear, you also feel hope and certainty that it will surely all be fine. This tremendous feeling is called optimism—that tendency to expect the best, or at least, a favorable outcome. Do not be pessimistic about your future; be optimistic instead. Keep your hope in action.

By that, dear, you are becoming resilient and able to stand against fear, worries, stress, depression and anxiety, as well as any other disorders.

It’s true that life is a journey to old age and death. It’s very true, and we must get to know that each day brings us closer to our graves. This is a sad reality, and it shouldn’t be feared but rather has to be approached with confidence and preparedness.

Whether you fear it or not, life will remain. In life, death happens, loss takes place, pain exists, and many other disheartening things happen. In the midst of all these, the best thing one should do is be strong enough to face them all.

Contrary to what people think about death and old age, I want to say that there’s no problem with death and old age. To die is normal and natural, too. It’s something one cannot escape. It’s a must as long as Jesus continues to be in heaven. To age or grow old is also normal. There’s nothing wrong with them.

But the question is: when you die, what will you be remembered for? Some people will be remembered for killing. Others will be remembered for stealing. Some others, yeah, will be remembered for things they have done on this Earth. Either good or evil deeds will be remembered. People like Hitler are already remembered for their killings and the invention of mass graves.

You, who’s still breathing, what will you be remembered for when you die? What will I be remembered for if I die? This question carries some hope; it tells us that we still have time to do things worth recognition or that we’ll be remembered for.

There is a lot to do. See, there are countless children in the streets looking for people to adopt them. Pick one among them, and you will be remembered for that kindness. Believe me, you will not only be remembered but also be blessed. Above that, God will reserve for you a self-contained room in heaven.

Nonetheless, in this country, there are numerous children who are stacked on their way to high school and university. Help them, and that will earn you a tremendous memory when your time to leave this world comes.

See what it means to live your life for others. When you do that, living your life for others, you are fulfilling the very mission for which you exist in this world. It’s not only hard work that pays; living life for the unprivileged and disadvantaged also pays. In fact, it both pays and rewards.

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