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Farmers appeal for support

By Ijoo Bosco Modi

Chairperson of Magwi County Agriculture Union has urged the government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the county to support the sector.

Mr. Lotto Joseph, said farmers need Saving and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs) to boost their production.

SACCOs are voluntary associations where members regularly pool their savings and subsequently obtain loans for various purposes.

Lotto was speaking during the first Agricultural trade show in Magwi last week.

He emphasized the importance of NGOs and the government forming SACCOs in all Payams of the county to facilitate community savings and borrowing.

Lotto also advocated for transition from small-scale farming to larger-scale operations for financial gain.

The farmers’ chairperson believes that introducing tractors for hiring or as ejected support is the only way to progress.

He stated that there is currently no available tractor for hire to facilitate the transition from traditional farming methods to modern ones.

“Am appeal to the NGOs and all levels of government to provide us with some tractors for hire purchases bases to help boost our growing union in Magwi county,” Lotto Lamented.

He suggested that farmers should be organized to facilitate easy access to training from NGOs and the government, while also addressing the issue of loans.

For his part, Magwi County Commissioner, Otto David Remson admits that the prolonged drought has badly affected farmers in their struggle for huge cultivation.

According to the commissioner, agriculture is one center of development in the Republic of South Sudan where much effort is needed to uplift the sector.

Commissioner Otto encouraged farmers to be creative in their work since the government and supporting partners only come to add value.

He said one can be in a group or work as an individual but creativity should be the main focus at the forefront

The Agricultural trade show was organized by Caritas Luxemburg in conjunction with UN FAO, Magwi County Agriculture Department and other development partners under the theme, “Climate change resilience technologies and crops

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