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Online sales launch excites users in Juba

By Charles K Mark

Online buyers in Juba welcome with excitement the launch of the first-ever, largest online market space, ANASELL.COM. is an online market platform expected to not only connect South Sudan customers to the global market but also provide a secure and convenient environment for sellers and buyers to connect.

The No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper was present at the product launch over the weekend and spoke to a few online users.

One user who preferred to only be identified as Joseph, a football coach at Rainbow Playground in the Kuwait residential area, can’t hide his joy.

“Now I can order football kits and sports-related items for my team using the Anasell App with trust that I will receive exactly the items that I ordered,” he said.

Joseph said he is happy that more innovations continue to surface through the creative, young, and talented citizens.

Another user, Donald, a basketball player, who also sells basketball jerseys, asked if he could directly publish his items for online selling after installing the app on his phone.

After a clear explanation by an agent, Donald immediately picked up his phone to search for the application for installation.

“I have my network and my colleagues. I think they will like it. I will share with them on Monday. In fact, I will come personally to the Anasell offices so that I can subscribe to this online service,” he expressed.

According to the founders of the online market space, the vision of is to bridge the gap that exists between sellers and buyers in the country and beyond.

A traffic police officer (anonymous) who, upon dressing in the reflector jacket offered by the Anasell sales agent, told this outlet that it was her first time to hear about an online market space

She said she is always busy with her job, hence lacking ample time to physically go shopping in the public markets in Juba.

“I am going to learn how to use the online service with the app so that I can be able to make orders online,” the officer said.

Julius Ogolla, co-founder of Anasell, revealed that the goal is to facilitate seamless transactions and foster a positive experience for all users.

“For sellers, offers an opportunity to showcase products and reach a wider customer base. We provide a user-friendly interface where sellers can easily create their online stores, upload product listings, and manage their inventory,” he explained.

“Our platform also supports secure payment options, order tracking, and customer rating systems to enhance the selling experience,” he added.

Globally, using any online platform means that buyers can explore a diverse range of products from different sellers without the hassle of physically visiting multiple stores.

They can easily browse through various categories, compare prices, read product reviews, and make informed purchasing decisions.

Ogolla assured that the team has prioritized user security and has implemented stringent measures to ensure a safe and trustworthy buying environment.

The founders are convinced that a premier online marketplace will no doubt bring together sellers and buyers on a single platform in an efficient and effective manner.

“We all understand that this has been a challenge in South Sudan. You are looking for a specific commodity or service that you need. Anasell is the solution to that entire problem that everybody has been facing in traditional resale settings,” assured Mading Ruben Maluk, Founder of Anasell, while introducing the product.

Mading explained that convenience, security, safety, and unlimited online access are the immediate benefits that come with signing up for the online app.

“Anything you need, you get. So it’s just more than a platform. It’s a way of changing our way of doing business in South Sudan. with Anasell, you’re always online,” he guaranteed.

If all the above-captured mechanisms are well implemented, it means South Sudan has joined the globe in providing online solutions to South Sudanese online buyers and the globe.

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