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Police urged to exercise professionalism

By Ijoo Bosco Modi

Eastern Equatoria state police commissioner urged police to uphold professionalism and ensure safety and security without fear or favor, in line with the South Sudan constitution.

Major General James Monday Enoka asserts that the police are tasked with fostering a secure, stable and safe nation where civilians can work without fear of intimidation, abuse or violence.

He stressed that the police is also to prevent, investigate crimes and maintain law and order in addition to providing protection to people and their properties

“Your role here is to clearly stated in your mandate for providing protection to the civil population and endeavor to investigate any kind of crimes in your jurisdiction am sure this infrastructure will help you people greatly,” Enoka added.

He made the remark during the official opening and handover of the newly constructed police post in Iwire Payam.

General Enoka demands that police officers value human rights, treat people without discrimination, be honest and not engage in any form of corruption.

“You the personnel going to be assigned here have to be very careful and nonpartisan and not to be bought in case we find you, take note that the law you are following will deal with you accordingly” lamented Enoka.

He encouraged the police to work in partnership with the community at all levels to achieve the vision and provide the professional services possible.

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