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The inflation in the country does not require a delay in paying civil servants’ salaries.

Now it has taken almost three months since the finance minister promised to increase the civil servants’ salaries and pay them on time. The ministry shouldn’t take advantage of innocent people in this country when one eats and drinks, yet, knowing that the other person is hungry and needs services.

In today’s economic situation in the country, it is very difficult to get bread due to the daily increase in commodity prices in the market as a result of runaway dollar rates.

Citizens are mostly affected when there are no uniform prices in the market and the citizens are unable to sustain themselves. In other parts of the country, citizens die of hunger and nobody understands the situation.

The national minister for finance and economic planning should make sure that his words do not fall apart.

They should be put into action, do not speak in dramatic partiality by saying the ministry will pay the salaries and wages of the civil servants in less than a week’s time, which is understandable, the civil servants are human beings treat them well.

If the delay in the payment of salaries was due to the adjustment in the salary increment to 400 percent as well as the ministry’s plan to install biometrics in all the institutions across the country, then why is it taking so long to do the process? It would be better if they were paid one month ahead of all the processes that need to be set in place.

It is good that the salaries will be paid by committees comprising accountants from the Ministry of Finance and officers from the Ministry of Public Service, as well as other spending agencies.

This method will work if the institution handling is well equipped with skills but if not, it will be like getting tears from the crocodile eyes and even corruption will be so high that the civil servant may not get a penny.

The salaries should be paid in a few days; to give hope to the citizens working in government institutions, at least pay them in the middle of the week but not after three months’ time, which will provoke innocent civil servants to go on striking and may give a bad refutation to the government institution in breaking their promises.

I’m appealing to the authorities to quickly act to pay the salary to reduce the economic burden that they are going through in this economic situation.

I also take this opportunity to thank the civil servants for working for the country though the salary delays for more than months, you still committed yourself and that is why Nationalism continues with the spirit to build this country.

God Bless South Sudan

Be right back.


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