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Tribalism kills nationalism, promotes corruption, nepotism

By Tong Akok Anei Mawien

After suspending my opinion writings for some time as a matter of individual vocation, some people think that my mouth was filled with delicious food that emitted a sweet aroma in the oily ministries or other institutions, some think that I could not dare to open my mouth again in order for my food not to slip off my jaws, some think I became close to national cake.

But today I tell you weelee (No/Lie), I’m still with you on the streets, I’m still with you jumping like a frog in Hai referendum roads when it rains, I’m still checking on job adverts board every day like you, I’m still gathering any rumors about civil servants’ salaries for there is no specific time frame like you do too.

During this self-vocation, I found out who exactly killed nationalism and promote corruption, nepotism, Sectionalism and many dividing factors, from my daily exploration to the offices as a job seeker, I wouldn’t escape being asked, are you from which state? From which county? Who sent you? And many more questions, when I answer these questions with none that does not comply with their interest, there is an obvious mood that would tell me, that person on the Authority chair changes his/her feelings or mood towards me and my present and lastly in order to hide his/her ego, he/she would sweet-talk me to get rid of me at his/her sight and later warn his aids of why people are allowed at random.

I lastly found out that, who killed Nationalism, promote corruption and nepotism  is tribalism, when the new minister is appointed or any stakeholder in any institutions, the community members, the close ones would beat up their chest, saying, it’s our time to taste the national cake and indeed some Ministers and stakeholders would honor this statement and create an employment window to their community mates only and sponsored smiley promotion to his/her community members and this results into a Minister/stakeholder not working towards the objectives and vision of the ministry or the institution, other institution would employed event a person who  could not read nor write leave alone lacking experiences or cannot write a report. Therefore, there is a need to evaluate our workforce in all institutions and promote nationalism and denounced corruption, nepotism and only examine individual base on his/her capabilities, qualifications and experiences not his/her origin.

The Author is Applied Statistics Master Student at University of Juba. He can be reached via E-mail: tongakok7170@gmail.com/tongakok47@gmail.com, Tel: 0929300008/0988011119

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