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You and your God

In every battle of life, there is one thing we must not lose and that is hope. In the history of mankind, we have had wars fought by a few men against a majority and they won against the majority because of one simple mercenary and that is hope. In some situations, Hope believes that God truly exists, and he really cares.

In the English dictionary, hope like no other word occupies one of the largest spaces because it has different meanings which amount to but one very important meaning and that is if you have hope you are truly living. You will look up in your dictionary and wonder where this word is written but what I simply mean is that when these synonyms are put together. They give you the quoted sentence.

The world as we all know is not an easy place and it will never be even if it takes years or more. If you are still in the queue waiting for that world where things would be easier, please I beg of you to recondition yourself and see the ground on which you are standing.

Things are extremely hard, and life is not fair. This means that you are standing on very rough and thorny ground and your days are counting down. Maybe today you will go to bed and wake up in the morning with a baldhead or even the other day, you develop wrinkles on your face, and you begin to wonder what is going on.

If you don’t know it yet, I am sorry, but you are truly aging and also wasting a lot of your time on things that make you age faster than you could imagine. What is the end goal here? What comes into your mind when you are pressed down by the challenges of life? What do you think when you try this or that and it brings you down to your knees?

It might be hard to explain but, in your heart, you may feel defeated and abandoned at the same time but that is not true at all. We as human beings have that penchant and there are times when we ought to remain ourselves even in the worst of times.

To think that you are alone in the fight should and must not give you an atmosphere in which you could easily give up. In your sick bed, it is you alone. In your struggle you feel lonely and with nobody to share the load with, but God is always watching you and he always celebrates every new step you take, whether small or big. They all matter to him and so, why must you be bothered with people’s perceptions about you?

It is true that there are times and if they have not yet happened then they will surely come when the people we love so dearly will run away from us when the clouds are falling apart. It is in these moments that we must find the reason and the drive to move on because losing the people you love because you are poor or sick does not make you a failure. Instead, it should give you the strength to do miracles with your life because God never leaves its place. He is still the same always and forever.

In your bad times, he is with you and when it is good with you, he also remains the same. So, when we try and it never works, we have to know that we are human beings, and everything happens at their own pace. Do not let people discourage you with their timelines. You are not left behind and neither are you a celestial accident. You are here for a reason regardless of what you are going through or what you think you are. God will lift you up one day and make you believe that you are one of his valued products.

Don’t let the world deceive you that you are nobody just because you came from one of the poorest communities around. Your God holds responsibility for everything that happens in your life, and he has fixed a time where he will wipe your tears and pay you for all that you have been through.

Your friends may be ahead of you or even far better than you in everything, people you love may slam their doors before you but that does not mean you are left behind or you are completely rejected. It is just that things happen according to our time. When people reject you. Don’t keep the pain within you because that one will only rip you apart internally.

You have to turn to God and in so doing diligently wait for your turn while trying your very best too. But if you end the chapter where you stopped without turning the pages, you may end up losing the other interesting side of the story. You and your God hold the pen that writes your own story. You write and God edits your story. How wonderful is this but at some points in life, we forget the presence of God in our life. We feel like our life stories are inept and from there we stop scratching the paper.

It is okay if your life story may be boring but the fact that it has not ended means that the middle or ending part of it will be interesting. I have on several occasions witnessed that the people who believe in themselves tend to live longer than those who depend on other people. Why?

Believing in oneself is accepting that we are only humans and regardless of what happens good or bad life still goes on. Things don’t have to be right all the time. There are times when we just have to accept every challenge of life until it is done.

When you are facing a lot as a human and before you rebuke the creator God for having failed you, first get ample time for yourself and ask yourself why you still exist at this moment of time. And if you are afraid to do that then you must be acquainted with the fact that we succumb to problems at some points in life and what counts is how we respond to those problems.

God gives us challenges not only to destroy but to build us too and if you are solving a problem right now. I celebrate you and I pray for you because I know that this is your breakthrough. We have a lot of problems as humans and each one comes with a price. And all will depend on how you react to the problem. Long before the birth of civilization, some people who are not better than you sacrificed their time, energy, money and their lives to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

The freedom we enjoy today didn’t come on a silver platter, someone paid for it. The cars we use, and many other inventions were made to make life easy for human beings and this shows that what you are facing currently is a part of God’s plan for humanity and humans at this point are required to act positively for a better world.

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