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Jonglei, Lakes states to create buffer zone

By Mamer Abraham

Jonglei and Lakes States governments of South Sudan have resolved to cling together far beyond their geographical boundaries.

This was after Lakes’ state government handed over a Jonglei native who was wounded in a brawl in Toch on Awerial County on September 30, 2023.

Jonglei State’s Minister for Cabinet Affairs, John Samuel Manyuon, expressed satisfaction with the return of a wounded person by the commissioner of Awerial County.

“It is a gesture that the government of Jonglei State, under the leadership of Hon. Denay Jock Chagor, will also support and enhance the idea that nothing should happen between the two sisterly states,” he added.

Minister Manyuon described the return of the person as “a good gesture,” and he lauded the leadership of Lakes State Governor, Rin Tueny Mabor, for all these efforts in ensuring that the two sisterly states live in peace and harmony.

He said the two neighboring states will create a buffer zone to ensure that every issue that emerges is investigated and solved beforehand.

“What we have agreed upon is to have a buffer zone as an immediate action plan, and the rest of the things will follow legal process to ensure that an investigation is done, and fact-finding will also be the next step to ensuring that our people live in peace and harmony,” he continued.

He stated that they had detected some communities between Jonglei State and Lakes State that were seen to be wreaking havoc.

Philip Mawut Garang, the commissioner of Awerial County, Lakes State, said the two states must live in harmony, adding that the people living in Toch will be driven out so that it will be controlled by the government.

He said the brawl took place at Wunthau, where three people were reportedly wounded, adding that two people remained while one person from Jonglei had been handed over to the State for further management of his condition.

“Three were wounded—two in the hospital and one brought to Jonglei—and the people were removed from Tonj and the government to control it,” Mawut said.

In July, the governor of Lakes State, Rin Tueny Mabor, said the country had taken remarkable steps in the promotion of unity, diversity, reconciliation, and peaceful coexistence.

“We have taken a step towards building the nation by promoting unity, diversity, reconciliation, and peaceful coexistence among our people,” the governor noted.

He urged the citizens to build institutions, ensure good governance, promote the rule of law, and stand tall in spite of political, social, and economic hurdles.

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